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Case Study

Service excellence in the heart of the Cotswolds

Setting the scene

In the rural countryside of the picturesque Cotswolds, the BayWa r.e. solar services team is busy operating and maintaining one of the largest solar plants in the UK.

In between the two small villages of Childswickham and Wickhamford, the 23 MW solar farm sits on agricultural land, where it co-exists with grazing livestock, generating reliable levels of green energy.

Thanks to the build quality and ongoing support of our services team, it’s operating at peak performance and consistently clocking up impressive availability levels of 99.9 percent.

Meeting the Challenge

A team is dedicated to the effective and safe operation of Mount Farm. Supported by our central control room, they monitor the solar farm 24/7 with the objective of identifying and preventing potential issues before they occur.

Our mobile service app, which records real-time photos and comments, sets out the step-by-step bespoke site inspection processes that our technicians and project managers carefully follow. While our ticketing systems ensures that all outages and scheduled maintenances are recorded, and all stakeholders are informed immediately.

When issues arise, we pride ourselves on having one of the fastest response times in the industry. Our close partnerships with the product suppliers and installers of Mount Farm means we can access new spare parts without delay. This ensures any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and we keep the plant operating at peak performance.

Our processes and reporting is fully automated and our client has full access to our monitoring portal. At any time, they can quickly and easily see how the plant is performing.

Getting the result

The combination of modern plant design and our expert ongoing maintenance have resulted in impressive availability levels of 99.9 percent.

For our client, a leading global insurance provider, Mount Farm is a sound strategic investment. It is adding value to the company’s portfolio and contributing to its aspiration to manage €1.6bn worth of renewable energy and infrastructure assets.

As part of its ongoing management, everything we do is targeted at achieving greater efficiency and high yields, the most important conditions for high returns.

Mount Farm is a great example of where our expertise, state-of-the-art maintenance, automated process and transparent client reporting all come together to ensure the plant is operating at peak efficiency, and that our client can enjoy high yields while always being aware of what’s happening onsite.

Wolfgang Schwanitz
Project Manager, BayWa r.e. Mount Farm

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