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Case Study

Realising the future for an Italian family home

Setting the scene

Renewable energy transition is turning families from passive consumers to proactive stakeholders with a keen interest in how their homes consume energy. BayWa r.e. were called upon to coordinate a cutting-edge team of designers, developers and installers to meet one family’s solar ambitions.

Together with REC Group and Frigotermica Commerciale, we set out to redefine the possibilities for smart homes. Our aim was to show the industry how far smart homes have come in terms of functionality and optimization, while also delivering unprecedented value for the residents.

Meeting the challenges

To push the boundaries of smart home efficiency, our team turned to the very latest technology. Perhaps stars of the show were the REC Alpha solar panels. New designs and technology within the cells themselves unlocked higher levels of energy capture. They’re estimated to perform 20 % better than pre-existing PV modules.

Of course, all that energy needs to be stored somewhere. A 400V LG Chem RESU battery was chosen for its capacity and durability. It would be more than enough to handle the home’s energy demands for as long as 10 years before being replaced. The battery was also lightweight and discreet; like everything else, our storage solution had to fit with the home’s look and feel.

Finally, we opted for the SolarEdge system to let the residents control their smart home. They needed one point of contact to both adjust energy use and see how their home is performing. SolarEdge integrated all the systems they needed, from heating to security.

The result

With 18 Alpha PV modules on their rooftop, the Bolzonella family home now produces as much as 10 MWh every year. They’re saving money on energy bills, while helping to fight climate change.

Meanwhile, BayWa r.e. has delivered another successful collaboration. We’re confident that we’ve helped to show the renewable energy sector just what can be achieved with ‘smart homes’. What was considered an interesting thought exercise only a few years ago is now a living reality in the beautiful neighbourhood of Santa Maria di Sala.

In the fight against climate change, we must all become smarter in our use of energy. The demand from consumers is already present and, together with our innovative partners, we’re committed every day to helping installers meet this demand.

Enrico Marin
Managing Director, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems S.r.l.

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