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Case Study

Is a leasing concept the perfect solution for me?

What does the customer gain?

Companies can reap large benefits without upfront investment. Our lease model is designed in such a way that savings from self-consumption are higher than the expenses from the lease.

Do you wish to permanently reduce your energy costs without tying up your funds in a PV or storage system? In that case we can offer you a customised leasing PV solution. 

In both good times or times of crisis, many customers want to source green energy without investing in it. 

Our leasing model offers a very attractive financing solution to help these companies move forward. Sourcing green energy without initial investment with manageable leasing costs, is the ideal solution for many companies that plan their energy supply in a risk-averse way. 

In a nutshell

Our lease model is designed in a way that makes savings from self-consumption higher than the expenses from the lease.  
Leasing for PV and storage solutions means green energy without any strain on the customer’s credit line – a 100 per cent CO2-free energy supply without initial investment to help meet internal corporate sustainability targets.

All in all, this solution is a stress-free financing solution tailored to the individual requirements of the organisation.  

What we did

The lease model at the Fendt tractor plant in Marktoberdorf, Bavaria, Germany, works without direct investment by the end user. The system was financed and constructed by BayWa r.e.

The model operates with a hundred percent direct consumption of PV-generated energy for the Fendt tractor plant.  

Predictability in terms of financial resources and energy supply is a game-changer in today’s business environment.

For us it’s the ideal solution: manageable lease costs – and our own electricity that we use in full.

Dirk Wolfsteller
Head of Health and Safety, Environment & Energy, AGCO GmbH

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