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Case Study

Pioneering green energy in the most sustainable country in the world

Setting the scene

Milletorp wind farm is located within the heart of dense forests, some 288 km South-West of Stockholm. It consists of eleven turbines generating over 66GW hrs of energy, enough to power 13,200 homes.

It was a challenging site and this turnkey project required careful planning, rigorous testing and wind measurement.

Six years after commissioning, it continues to play a vital role in generating green energy to make Sweden one of the most sustainable countries in the world.

Meeting the Challenge

How do you get the best performance from a windfarm? At BayWa r.e. it begins with rigorous testing, wind measurement and analysis. During the two-year period before construction began at Milletorp, we used a wind mast to assess the site’s generation potential.

We designed the scheme with a turbine hub height just below 100m, making it one of the tallest in Sweden at the time. Our calculations showed that the cost increase of building higher, would be more than compensated for by the higher output.

And with the additional height, the rotor blades were clear of the dense forest canopy, and the worst turbulence created by the trees was minimized.

To safely transport the turbines through the forest, we had to make the roads wider and stable to tolerate the weight of the loads.

To minimise the transportation of raw materials, we then reused the rocks that had been removed to lay the foundations and cables. Only cable sand had to be transported, all other material for roads and crane pads came from within the site.

Getting the result

Before the windfarm was even complete, a number of private investors had already purchased Milletorp.

Despite a challenging timeframe and harsh winter conditions, the project was completed on time and budget. Since then, our operation management team has ensured its ongoing performance and consistently high yield.

And as an additional benefit for local residents, we put down extra fibre optic cable capacity giving them the opportunity to get high performance Internet connections.

The development required careful planning, and ingenuity by the team to transport the 49meter long rotor blades and heavy tower parts from factories around Europe to site.

Christian Eriksson
Operations Manager at BayWa r.e. Scandinavia AB

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