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Case Study

Looking for a short payback time?

What does the customer gain?

To reduce power peaks at the grid connection, the battery is discharged during peak time and charged during low load situations. Thus, a high capacity charge and a suitable load profile are needed for an economically viable business case. In this project, the amortization of the investment the client undertook will take place within the range of five years.  
The investment allows significant yearly savings during around 20 cycles per year. In addition, even more applications for multi-use potential are ready to be implemented – for instance self-consumption in summer as the battery is only used in winter.  

In a nutshell

The project is now fully up and running, in line with BayWa r.e.'s calculations. The control mechanism is backed by a guarantee of availability in the form of insurance. 

The benefits are high cost-saving potential and the possibility of revenue stacking (peak-shaving and self-consumption), reducing your electricity bill by decreasing costs charged by the grid operator.

What we did

We optimised the company’s power costs by utilising storage and implementing an outdoor battery storage system for seasonal peak shaving.

A performance guarantee for 100% availability of the system in the form of an insurance package was provided. For reducing power peaks, the battery is being discharged at peak time and charged during low load situations.

A complete carefree package in form of a turnkey solution was supplied to the customer, including system design, construction and operation was provided to the customer.

Smart storage concepts providing economical solutions are at the core of what we are striving for every day. The sustainability concept of this long-term customer has the goal to provide a total energy balance of zero. We are happy to support this specific customer and many others in the future.

Björn Blau
Key Account Manager, BayWa r.e. Power Solutions GmbH

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