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Case Study

Supporting sustainable development

Access to green energy

To continue to advance and develop, in a sustainable way, it's essential that emerging economies have access to reliable sources of green energy. But often, especially in more remote rural areas, this need can be frustrated by the lack of any electricity grid infrastructure.  

Renewable energy generation is ideally suited to overcoming this challenge and at BayWa r.e. we are at the forefront of developing energy solutions for off and weak-grid areas.

Making a real difference

A great example of where our work is making a real difference to rural communities is at the AKTC farm in Chisamba, Zambia.

The farm is run by the German and Zambian Ministries of Agriculture in collaboration with German business partners. And a Zambian agricultural research center called the Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART).

Uninterrupted power

Our solar energy solution uses a solar PV system combined with battery storage. This clever system is shipped as a self-contained unit with the container it’s sent in being reused as a supporting structure that also houses the batteries and control technology. Nothing is wasted.

Once operational, it gives uninterrupted power for up to 13 hours a day. This makes a huge difference and means agricultural operations and field irrigation can continue uninterrupted. And that means better harvests for the farmer. The system is fully portable and can be taken out to the most remote rural areas.

Empowering people

We are committed to working with and supporting emerging economies, and together with colleagues from the BayWa Group, our involvement extends to giving presentations on wheat cultivation and providing training to farmers from all over the country. They come to expand their knowledge and to inform themselves about new technological developments.

The farmers know what they want for their business and we see it as our job to help them get there. In helping to r.e. think energy for these communities, we’re also committed to helping protect the environment and improve the living conditions for the people who live there. It’s all about helping people, to help themselves.

Emerging economies have a growing need for reliable energy generation. With the PV and storage system we’ve used in Zambia, we are providing reliable sources of green energy.

Tobias Kriete, Regional Manager Africa
BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH

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