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Case Study

Beckum’s largest solar rooftop

Setting the scene

A standard, viable route for corporations wishing to integrate renewable energy into their energy mix is leasing. Depending the requirements of the individual leasing model, the company is charged monthly lease rates, with ownership of the renewable energy plant being transferred at the end of the lease period. Within the contract framework, the cost structure is predictable - a great advantage when it comes to forecasting and financial planning. Another benefit is that under most standard accounting practices, the customer can claim depreciation of the asset.

BayWa r.e. offers competitive financing solutions through third party leasing provider Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing (DAL), providing strategic financing solutions for BayWa r.e. customers. This approach ensures BayWa r.e.’s clients are advised throughout the negotiation and signing process. 

Selecting a leasing option can be a way to save on a company’s electricity bill while maintaining total control of its level of investment, including the individual customization of specific terms and conditions required by the client.

Leasing a PV system, carport or battery storage solution can help customers reduce financial risk and avoid initial high investment costs. Etex Germany Exteriors, for example, has used the leasing system and as a result, benefits from a low monthly leasing rate spanning a 96-month contract period.

Meeting the challenge

Founded in 1905 and headquartered in Belgium, Etex, a family-owned company which is today a global building solutions innovator and pioneer in lightweight construction. Etex Germany Exteriors GmbH is part of the Belgium-based Etex, with more than 500 employees at its Beckum and Heidelberg sites.

Following comprehensive on-site inspection in Beckum carried out by BayWa r.e. in September 2020, the go-ahead was given for Etex Germany Exteriors' largest renewable energy project to date. This was preceded by a period of intensive information-gathering covering photovoltaic data, the co-ordination of technical basics and identification of suitable suppliers. 

It also embraced the initiation of a measurement and protection concept for a 10 kV supply network on the premises of the Beckum manufacturing site, and the installation of a roof-top PV system at the site’s building 3 was factored in right at the structural analysis phase.

The resulting roof-top PV system at the Beckum plant is not only one of Etex's largest PV projects - the 10,000m2 roof-top installation is currently the largest photovoltaic system on commercial land in the Beckum region.

The result

Building started in July 2021, with 2,484 modules installed to date on the flat roof of building 3, as well as seven 100 kW inverters placed on the hall façade. The installed capacity is 944 kWp, with a calculated annual yield of at least 833,906 kWh - of which almost 90% is self-consumed. The remaining electricity is fed into the public grid, and shared with the local community. 

The total cost of the installation was around 545,000 EUR. The construction of a new transformer station is worth 300,000 EUR, with the purpose of safely feeding green energy into the grid.

For Etex Germany Exteriors, this project and the generation of renewable electricity from clean sources is an essential component of the company's overall sustainability promise: climate protection, CO2 avoidance and cost reduction – in short, a wise investment in a sustainable future.

Solar energy generation is an important milestone on our way to a climate-neutral factory and a climate-neutral Beckum. With this PV plant, we move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources, taking responsibility with regards to climate protection and fulfilling our social responsibility.

Rolf Haberlah
Managing Director Etex Germany Exteriors GmbH

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