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Renewable energy – a new approach.

Our mission is to make renewable energy even better. Our combined expertise and proactive attitude make us your ideal partner who you can always rely on. From development, realisation and consultation, right through to after-sales support, we are always there for our customers and trade partners. We are continually striving to set higher standards and develop new solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Making renewable energy even better – for you, for ourselves and for a better future.

Explore our Sustainability Report 2022

Explore our Sustainability Report 2022

We are pleased to share our BayWa r.e. Sustainability Report 2022 with you. This is our second annual report, where we give our diverse stakeholders an overview of our Sustainability Strategy and ESG Programme as well as the positive impact we’re making on society and our planet.

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Modernise and Optimise your Solar Projects

Modernise and Optimise your Solar Projects

BayWa r.e. have successfully realised over 50 utility-scale revamping and repowering projects across seven countries. Trust the skills and experience of our multidisciplinary teams to plan and deliver a full revamping or repowering operation for your solar projects.

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New podcast on Corporate Sustainability

New podcast on Corporate Sustainability

Join us on a thought-provoking journey as we explore the forefront of sustainable practices and innovations within the energy sector. From renewable energy technologies to the latest advancement in eco-friendly practices, this podcast brings you compelling conversations that inspire positive change. 

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Energy Report 2023 (Asia-Pacific Edition)

Energy Report 2023 (Asia-Pacific Edition)

Asia's climate goals are at risk as corporations and governments in the region are influenced by global affairs. Challenges include government implementation, policy uncertainties, and corporate transition to renewable energy. To begin this critical dialogue, BayWa r.e. commissioned the APAC Energy Report 2023 to learn how business leaders approach renewable energy opportunities, barriers, goals and much more.

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The Decade That Matters 2.0 Report

The Decade That Matters 2.0 Report Now Available!

Our Decade That Matters 2.0 report revisits and builds on the original 2021 "The Decade That Matters" report, which analysed the evolving online conversation around climate change. The result is an in-depth look at how policy, action and sentiment on climate action are aligned at both a national and global level.

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Setting Sails together: BayWa r.e. sponsors Sanni Beucke

Setting Sails Together: BayWa r.e. Sponsors Sanni Beucke

While Sanni’s accomplishments as a professional sailor are more than impressive, they were only part of the many reasons why we wanted her to become BayWa r.e.’s brand ambassador. Learn more about Sanni’s impressive life story and where our journey together is headed.

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Making Renewable Energy Even Better

Making Renewable Energy Even Better

At BayWa r.e. we r.e.think energy – solar, wind, and bioenergy. Our mission is to make renewable energy even better. Not only looking to what comes next, but actively shaping it.

Working with businesses, installers, developers, utility providers, investors and governments throughout the world, we are helping them to realise their renewable energy ambitions through our depth of knowledge and expertise.

Constantly setting new standards and reimagining solutions to how we will meet the world's future energy needs, we are committed to making renewable energy even better for our customers and society.

Case Studies


Realising the future for an Italian family home

In a picturesque Venetian neighbourhood, our ‘smart home’ team coordinated a world-first rooftop solar power project using new PV modules that pack 20% more power.


Wind-solar hybrid plants raise renewable energy share

Global leaders in wind and solar technology collaborate on one of Germany’s first hybrid plants. Projects like this help shape the future of the energy transition.


Bringing subsidy-free wind energy to the UK

In 2020 BayWa r.e. brought subsidy-free wind energy to the UK. With a local focus, we successfully constructed and sold a 24MW wind farm, which will now help the UK’s largest supermarket group to save over 18,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

The Netherlands

Making waves in solar energy

Built in only seven weeks, we designed and constructed the largest Floating-PV installation outside of Asia. The 18.25 hectare, Bomhofsplas project provides enough green electricity to power 8,000 homes and supports Europe in its bid to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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Are you looking for a new challenge?

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Why not help us setting new standards in renewable energy. We are a fast growing, international company with numerous career opportunities in our offices around the world.

Respectful collaboration, flat hierarchies and a truly cosmopolitan nature make BayWa r.e. the ideal employer for all who want to make a difference and drive innovation for a sustainable future.

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