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Our mission is to make renewable energy even better. Our combined expertise and proactive attitude make us your ideal partner who you can always rely on. From development, realisation and consultation, right through to after-sales support, we are always there for our customers and trade partners. We are continually striving to set higher standards and develop new solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Making renewable energy even better – for you, for ourselves and for a better future.

Making Renewable Energy Even Better

Making Renewable Energy Even Better

At BayWa r.e. we r.e. think energy – solar, wind, and bioenergy. Our mission is to make renewable energy even better. Not only looking to what comes next, but actively shaping it.

Working with businesses, installers, developers, utility providers, investors and governments throughout the world, we are helping them to realise their renewable energy ambitions through our depth of knowledge and expertise.

Constantly setting new standards and reimagining solutions to how we will meet the world's future energy needs, we are committed to making renewable energy even better for our customers and society.

Case Studies

Subsidy-free solar power

Consumers, businesses and environmentalists have long anticipated a time when the cost of clean energy is equal to or less than the cost of conventional power from the grid – also known as grid parity. 

BayWa r.e.’s groundbreaking 175 MW Don Rodrigo solar project is now set to become one of the first solar projects of its size in Europe to achieve this without any subsidies. 

Construction works are already in full progress on the 265-hectare site near Seville. Once operational, this enormous solar installation is expected to produce enough energy to supply approximately 93,000 Spanish households each year.

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Net Zero Solar, Tucson, AZ

Chad Waits talk about how he and his business profits from being part of our BayWa r.e. installer network. 

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The “Brussels School Project”

Together with BayWa r.e., the Brussels region is forging a new path when it comes to the sustainable energy supply of public buildings.

In the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre in the east of the Belgian capital, a total of seven municipal buildings in seven different locations are being equipped with solar rooftop installations to help meet sustainability objectives and drive down energy costs. 

It’s a story of collaboration and what can be achieved when committed parties come together to achieve shared goals. Once fully commissioned, the installations will produce approximately 635,000 KWh of green energy per year.

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Solar energy in the Vatican

Vatican City may be the smallest sovereign state in the world, but it is also one of the greenest. It has long been an exemplar for tackling climate change through its approach to renewable energy. 

Thanks to a unique photovoltaic plant installed on the roof of the Vatican Audience Hall, the Papal State has been producing 300 mWh of solar energy every year since its installation in 2008.

The project was planned and managed by BayWa r.e.  with the PV modules, inverters and its installation donated by solar technology provider, SolarWorld.

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Agro Photovoltaic

As our need for more sources of clean and reliable renewable energy continues to become more urgent, a new dilemma has begun to emerge: how can we find new sites for solar plants without sacrificing important agricultural land? Can the two co-exist?    

In Germany, close to Lake Constance, we’re working on an important and extensive research project funded by the Government to understand just how a balance between energy and agriculture can be struck.

We’ve installed and are testing the largest Agro Photovoltaic (APV) system in Germany at a farm in Heggelbach - an area which aims to increase its share of renewable energy to 26 percent by 2022.

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Solar Parks Cork Oak & Sunflower

Delivering solar installations in the US often requires navigating multiple stakeholders and legal requirements. While challenging, our model of working in close partnership with local developers creates the ideal delivery team, allowing us to find a way when others might stumble.

We partnered with local developer, Geenex Solar, to develop Cork Oak and Sunflower. These two large solar installations generate a combined 47 MW and the clean, reliable and renewable energy they provide will benefit North Carolina for many years to come.

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Crowdlending projects

While renewable energy benefits everyone in society, engaging and involving local communities who live near to proposed wind farms can be crucial to a project’s success.  

At BayWa r.e., we are committed to working together with local communities and our colleagues in France have been leading the way with their involvement in the country’s pioneering adoption of ‘crowdlending’ to support windfarm development.

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Wind Park Bishopthorpe

Located in Lincolnshire, Bishopthorpe is an eight-turbine wind farm, generating 16.4 MW of clean green energy to the national grid.

Our team of experts value engineered the entire project and had it installed and generating electricity within a year, to qualify for the Renewables Obligation support scheme.

With a maximum blade tip height of 115 metres, and an impressive forecast net capacity factor of 35.5 percent, it attracted significant interest from investors before it became an important asset in the portfolio of leading renewable infrastructure fund, Greencoat UK Wind Plc.

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