Renewable energy – a new approach.

Our mission is to make renewable energy even better. Our combined expertise and proactive attitude make us your ideal partner who you can always rely on. From development, realisation and consultation, right through to after-sales support, we are always there for our customers and trade partners. We are continually striving to set higher standards and develop new solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Making renewable energy even better - for you, for ourselves and for a better future.

Making Renewable Energy Even Better

Making Renewable Energy Even Better

At BayWa r.e. we r.e. think energy - solar, wind, and bioenergy. Our mission is to make renewable energy even better. Not only looking to what comes next, but actively shaping it.

Working with businesses, installers, developers, utility providers, investors and governments throughout the world, we are helping them to realise their renewable energy ambitions through our depth of knowledge and expertise.

Constantly setting new standards and reimagining solutions to how we will meet our future energy needs, we are committed to making renewable energy even better for our customers and society.

Case Studies

Biogas Plant Pliening

As a leader in the German renewable energy market, the opportunity arose to save the award-winning Pliening biogas facility. Pliening is the oldest biomethane facility in Germany and it was a rescue mission that we were excited to take up.

Located in Bavaria, the plant, creates natural gas and has a feed-in biomethane capacity of 485 Nm3 biomethane per hour (equalling around 5,300 kW), which makes an annual output of approximately 45 GWh.

Unfortunately, the previous owners could no longer continue with the plant as they were unable to keep up with its maintenance requirements. Through our raw material supply, we were already involved with Pliening and were able to quickly step in to save the plant.

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Plus Energy Solar House

As you might expect from Guenter Haug, our Managing Director at BayWa r.e., he’s passionate about sustainable living and the difference we can all make as individuals to reducing our carbon footprint.

In 2015, Guenter set out to r.e. think how sustainable energy could work in a family house – his family house! The result was the remarkable Plus Energy Solar House. A key objective for Guenter was to discover just how self-sufficient a solar PV house could be. Working with several of our business partners he brought together the latest thinking and technologies.

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Solar Park Barth III

Barth III is the latest chapter in a BayWa r.e. solar trilogy, which has seen us develop three major solar installations nearby to the Baltic Sea Airport Stralsund-Barth. Together, they create one of the largest solar parks in the region.

Regularly used by the German Chancellor, the airport provides important infrastructure for the region. But like many small airports with high operational costs, it’s a challenge to sustain commercially.

Barth is a story of two halves. As well as providing enough green energy to power 15,000 homes, the scheme has also secured the future of Baltic Sea Airport.

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Rooftop PV system

Founded in 1995 as a three-person team, KW automotive GmbH now has more than 200 employees at five locations worldwide.

Working in an energy intensive industry, KW automotive wanted to reduce its energy costs while also driving forward its sustainability agenda. The answer? The chassis experts turned to BayWa r.e. and a rooftop PV system for its facility at Fichtenberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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Off-grid Solution, Western Australia

Our projects can be lifechanging, no more so than in communities remote from the national grid where electricity may be unattainable to the people living in them. Even the smallest of projects can have the greatest of impacts.

Kandiwal, a small Community in the far north of western Australia, is one of many examples where a BayWa r.e. solar installation is generating power to support vital infrastructure.

With no shortage of sunshine, the installation has proved hugely successful. Not only is it giving the community all the electricity it needs but it’s also improving living conditions and their daily lives.

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Wind Park Bishopthorpe

Located in Lincolnshire, Bishopthorpe is an eight-turbine wind farm, generating 16.4 MW of clean green energy to the national grid.

Our team of experts value engineered the entire project and had it installed and generating electricity within a year, to qualify for the Renewables Obligation support scheme.

With a maximum blade tip height of 115 metres, and an impressive forecast net capacity factor of 35.5 percent, it attracted significant interest from investors before it became an important asset in the portfolio of leading renewable infrastructure fund, Greencoat UK Wind Plc.

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Energy Solutions Zambia

To continue to advance and develop, in a sustainable way, it is essential that emerging economies have access to reliable sources of green energy. But often, especially in more remote rural areas, this need can be frustrated by the lack of any electricity grid infrastructure.  

Renewable energy generation is ideally suited to overcoming this challenge and at BayWa r.e. we are at the forefront of developing energy solutions for off and weak-grid areas.

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Solar Park Mount Farm

In the rural countryside of the picturesque Cotswolds, the BayWa r.e. solar services team is busy operating and maintaining one of the largest solar plants in the UK.

In between the two small rural villages of Childswickham and Wickhamford, the 23 MW solar farm sits on agricultural land, where it co-exists with grazing livestock, generating reliable levels of green energy.

Thanks to the build quality and ongoing support of our services team, it’s operating at peak performance and consistently clocking up impressive availability levels of 99.9 percent.

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