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Case Study

Sharing prosperity with Vietnamese primary schools

An opportunity to help

The renewable energy projects we develop across Vietnam are inseparable from the communities they exist alongside. A project is only truly successful when its neighbours feel the benefits in areas like transport, healthcare, and especially education.

We are developing two wind farms in Lang Son province; Loc Binh has a 155MW capacity, Cao Loc 55MW. Creating these facilities called for close collaboration with local authorities. As a result, we learned a lot about people living nearby.

Two primary schools, Suoi Long near Loc Binh and Khuoi Lay near Cao Loc, were lacking modern sanitation facilities. The usual challenges with funding and permitting were there, but they were no match for the BayWa r.e. team.

Championing local communities

The Khuoi Lay and Suoi Long schools are close to our wind farm sites. We were already collaborating with some of the provincial authorities who could help. With support from those authorities, we could quickly secure the necessary approvals.

Work was completed in only three months. The schools’ new washrooms are fitted out with brand new water tanks and electricity. Their new standalone septic tanks are also easier to maintain, and better for the environment.

Handover of the Suoi Long’s facilities took place in November 2021, Khuoi Lay held a virtual handover in December. In total, over 40 students and staff can now make the most of their educational environment.

Regions like Lang Son province are key to BayWa r.e.’s long-term strategy in Asia. But our success is impossible if the people living nearby are nott thriving too. We very much hope to be able to extend initiatives like this to more local schools. Together, we can spread the prosperity that comes when we embrace renewables. 

BayWa r.e.’s contribution to Khuoi Lay and Suoi Long elementary schools is improving health conditions for pupils in remote areas. We hope this successful business and education partnership will continue, with local authorities’ support.

Pham Hung Trường
Chief of Staff, Lang Son People’s Committee

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