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New Podcasts

Welcome to our r.e.think energy podcast series where we discuss some of the industry’s biggest, most important and thought provoking issues driving the global renewable energy transition. From corporate sourcing to subsidy free, and from onshore wind to floating solar, join us in gaining insights from industry experts from around the globe!

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  • Podcast with Walburga Hemetsberger – SolarPower Europe & the Electric Decade
    On the path to becoming climate neutral by 2050, the EU has set a target of at least 55% net reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030. Joined by Walburga Hemetsberger, the CEO of SolarPower Europe, in this episode of our r.e.think energy podcast series we discuss the imperative need to drive forward the renewable transition in Europe this decade if we are to avert catastrophic climate change, the crucial role solar has to play and the opportunities the green transition represents for all of us.
  • Podcast with Frank Oomen & Markus Wanckel – Community Acceptance
    In our latest r.e.think energy podcast, we discuss the crucial importance of community engagement in the development of renewable energy projects in Europe. Frank Oomen, Head of Large Scale Solar Projects at Dutch solar developer GroenLeven, and Markus Wanckel, Project Developer at BayWa r.e., discuss the need to ensure the energy transition is inclusive and how national renewable targets will not be met unless communities are engaged with proactively on the ground.
  • Podcast with Virgil Cazacu & Etienne Lecompte
    Discover how digitalization is transforming the renewable energy sector and what benefits and challenges arise from this transition. Virgil Cazacu, Head of Digital Transformation Services at BayWa r.e. and Etienne Lecompte, CEO of PowerHub share their thoughts on innovations including new grid models and more efficient services, and systems. We also dive into the amount of ‘data’ now being generated and how this can be harnessed to drive forward efficiencies, innovation and, ultimately, the renewable transition…


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