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BayWa r.e. signs position paper on extensive Agri-PV



Together with other companies in the solar industry, BayWa r.e. presented a position paper on the legal recognition of biodiversity-promoting Agri-PV. Biodiversity-promoting, or extensive Agri-PV, refers to ground-mounted PV systems on agricultural land that is proven to promote biodiversity through their particular construction and care of the area.

The initiative addresses the Federal Ministries for Agriculture, Economic Affairs and Environment. It aims to harmonise the areas of biodiversity, agriculture and energy transition through cross-ministerial adjustments i.a. in the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and in agricultural and nature conservation law, and therefore ensure a high level of social acceptance.

Matthias Taft, CEO of BayWa r.e.: "With the biodiversity-promoting Agri-PV initiative, we want to strengthen our agriculture and promote climate protection and nature conservation at the same time – a true win-win-win situation. With this new form of Agri-PV, we are securing land for biodiversity and energy transition for decades without taking it away from agriculture."

Extensive Agri-PV systems are characterised, for example, by a wide sunny strip, homogeneous water distribution by means of drip edges between the modules and a use oriented towards biodiversity through insect-friendly mowing and the abandonment of fertilisers and pesticides.

"Land on which biodiversity-enhancing Agri-PV parks are established should retain its status as agricultural land similar to other Agri-PV land. This creates new opportunities for achieving our climate goals, contributing to biodiversity conservation and preserving land for farmers," says Taft. "Through our parent company, agriculture is part of our DNA – we have over 100 years of experience in working with farmers."

Find the position paper of the business initiative "Biodiversity-Promoting Agri-PV" with further information on the topic here.



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