Make your land work for you as a power utility

Generate power yourself with photovoltaic plants or lease your land/space for a large scale system.

Turn unused roof space to profit

We engineer and install photovoltaic plants on the roofs of large private, commercial or public properties. The revised EEG 2017 allows plants with a capacity of up to 750 kWp to be installed with corresponding feed-in remuneration. In addition to this, it also allows the direct use of generated electricity on-site. This lowers your electricity bill and offers attractive returns.

You can find further information on the subject of on-site consumption here.

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Are you interested in leasing open spaces or becoming a generator in your own right?

Make use of your agricultural land, fallow land or redevelopment sites, formerly used for commercial or military purposes, for the construction of solar parks.

Land converted from industrial or military use is of particular interest to those intending to set up solar farms, as it returns wasteland to good use. Other sites of interest include former commercial properties, land next to roads and impervious surfaces such as paved areas.

We are interested in:

  • Areas with a size of about 3 ha
  • Land along motorways or railways within a corridor of 110m
  • Sealed areas and conversion areas
  • Farmland in disadvantaged areas
  • Old industrial parks
  • Roof top surfaces from 10.000 square meters
  • Low clouding on all areas

Interested in leasing your land? We'd like to put it to good use to generate solar power. There are two different income models to choose from:

A lease-only contract with a guaranteed usage fee for 20 years.

You have a share in the yield of the photovoltaic plant. This means that in years with plenty of sunshine, you benefit from high power yields, but for peace of mind, you always receive a fixed basic amount.

All subsequent matters are dealt with by BayWa r.e. We arrange everything, from project development to construction, and from there to commissioning and maintenance of the plant. We therefore bear all of the associated risk. Why not contact us?

How you can benefit from leasing your land

  • Fixed usage fee for 20 years
  • Generate extra income as a service provider by maintaining the grounds yourself
  • We arrange everything, from the lease contract right through to engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance