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New Podcasts

Welcome to our r.e.think energy podcast series where we discuss some of the industry’s biggest, most important and thought provoking issues driving the global renewable energy transition. From corporate sourcing to subsidy free, and from onshore wind to floating solar, join us in gaining insights from industry experts from around the globe!

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  • BayWa r.e.think energy Sponsoring Sanni Beucke – This Race Is Female
    To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we have invited Sanni Beucke, professional sailor and Olympic medallist to join us in the latest episode of our r.e.think energy podcast series. BayWa r.e. is a proud sponsor of Sanni as we support her in her mission to promote sustainability and equality. An inspiration to us all, Sanni’s latest campaign; This Race Is Female, aims to inspire and empower other women to go their own way. For her, this means having the courage to break the mould, especially in areas that are dominated by males – like sailing, but also certain job fields. Chime in to learn more!
  • Podcast with Julius Baghdadi, Manfred Groh and Stefan Tait – Green Hydrogen
    The latest episode of our r.e.think energy podcast series explores hydrogen as the fuel of the future towards net zero emissions. Joined by Julius Baghdadi, CCO & Co Founder Octopus Hydrogen; Manfred Groh, Head of Hydrogen, BayWa r.e.; and Stefan Tait, Head of Energy Storage BayWa r.e., we discuss the current status, challenges and opportunities of hydrogen, focusing on the potential of green hydrogen and which steps BayWa r.e. and its partners, such as Octopus Hydrogen, are taking to ramp up green hydrogen and help propel Europe’s renewable energy transition forward.
  • Podcast with Stephan Schindele, Simona Schiavoni and Benoît Roux – Agri-PV
    Agri-photovoltaics offers exciting opportunities for renewable energy, agricultural businesses, and farmers, and as a result has attracted much media and political interest. In our latest r.e.think energy podcast episode joined by Stephan Schindele, Head of Product Management Agri-PV, Simona Schiavoni, Project Manager for Solar Projects in Italy, and Benoît Roux, Head of Solar Projects France, we discuss the current status, challenges and opportunities of Agri-PV, explore the potential of this new technology, draw on real world project examples that demonstrate its successful implementation and look ahead to what the future may hold.


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