The Key Takeaways

There's a positive outlook...

The Biden boost


of respondents say an organizations’ ability to transition to renewable energy will improve under the Biden administration.

Desire for U.S. to lead


of energy buyers want the United States to play a leading role in combating climate change.

Advantageous energy costs

The cost of energy is now so low, it is the leading reason why energy buyers want renewables.


When making purchase decisions, cost is more important than contributing to sustainability.


Gutsy goals

More than half of companies plan to increase their renewable energy usage.

Of those companies, the average amount they plan to increase their renewables by is an aggressive


...and corporations have the will and largely the way...

Infrastructure is essential

At a time when investment in grid upgrades is front page news, renewables are desired for their ability to keep a company’s lights on.


want renewables to keep business operations going during an outage.

Energy efficiency leads

More respondents aim to improve energy efficiency than increase use of renewables, but the majority aspire to do both.


aim to increase energy efficiency


will increase use of renewables

Solar shines bright

Solar is the most commonly cited source of clean power used, and, when looking at procurement in the coming five years, is exceeded only by electric vehicle charging facilities.


use solar today,


expect to buy EV charging facilities within five years

Off-site energy leads

When it comes to renewable energy, a large number of decision-makers would rather source from assets owned by others and situated off-site.


purchase through IPP or community choice provider,

> 41%

on-site owned

...but any barrier could slow us down.

Federal government sets the stage

When it comes to regulations and benefits, the federal government had a more significant impact on organizations' decision-making than at the state level.


say federal has biggest impact


say state does

Private sector is mostly on board

While 65% of decision-makers agree the government should lead the charge on renewables, only 38% see the private sector with a leading role to play, but...


agree corporations have some sort of role to play in the energy transition

Buyers are savvy but need help

Four in five energy decision-makers felt informed about the energy options available to their company but didn’t always feel they had what they needed to execute.


blame a lack of internal knowledge


cite a lack of expertise to evaluate options


say they lack internal management capacity