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Five questions to Jennifer

We sat down with Jennifer; Board Member of Team Sonnenwagen and also one of the drivers in the WSC last year. We spoke with her about her studies, her tasks at Team Sonnenwagen and what it means to her to work in a team.

1. What do you study and what is your task in Team Sonnenwagen?

I study Industrial Engineering with focus on Power Engineering. I joined the team at the end of 2017. First of all, I’m responsible for the sponsoring of our solar car. In this position I travel a lot to fairs to look for sponsors for Team Sonnenwagen. I’m doing this by presenting our vision and the project itself.

I am also a board member and treasurer and thus the contact person for all financial aspects. And last but not least, I was also one of the four drivers at the WSC 2019 in Australia. Those were truly exciting moments.

2. What is your favourite task in Team Sonnenwagen?

I love to go to events, such as the Greentech Festival. You meet many interesting people there and we can arouse enthusiasm in them with our Sonnenwagen. People are always amazed when they hear that we managed to cross a whole continent in a solar car!

3. What is your most unpopular task?

Accounting! In addition, it is difficult to find enough time for the Sonnenwagen team during exams. The balancing between studies and voluntary work is not always easy and can therefore be a challenge.

4. Does Team Sonnenwagen fit in well with your studies?

As I said, it is not always easy to reconcile the two. But you also have some advantages: For example, you gain a lot of experience in self-organization and project management. These skills will help you later in the working world. And if you get feedback during your internship for example that you are working very independently, you are of course pleased. 
But also, in terms of content: it's great when you see the contents of a lecture on the Sonnenwagen in practical application. That's why I think that studying and working on the Sonnenwagen project can be well combined – even if it's not always easy.

5. What do you appreciate most about your team members?

That you get to meet people from other courses of study that you would normally never meet and work on a project with them. I also love the team spirit – the common goal bonds together!

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