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End of the Road

iLumen European Solar Challenge (iESC) has just come to an end. Find out here how it went for our Team Sonnenwagen and the challenges needed to be faced during the race.

The 24-hour race demanded a lot from our team: full concentration not only from the drivers, but also from all the driving strategy team. How fast can you drive a car, powered only by solar energy during the day, so that the batteries last overnight? This year, the level of concentration and effort required was pretty high, as the team competed with two different vehicles.

Just like on the World Solar Challenge in Australia, our Team Sonnenwagen had a crash. Fortunately, the solar car was able to continue, and both racing cars crossed the finish line in fifth and eighth place.

As expected by the team members, the Sonnenwagen 1.0, which was optimized for this race, performed better than the Covestro Sonnenwagen from 2017.

We congratulate the team on a very impressive performance! It is an enormous achievement not only to build a car that is powered only by the sun, but also to compete against the best teams in the world in a race.

As soon as we have more detailed information about the race, we will keep you informed.

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