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Crossing the Finish Line!

Team Sonnenwagen and their solar car made it to Adelaide. This race demanded everything from man and machine.

After 3,020 km and 6 days through the Australian Outback, Team Sonnenwagen has passed the finish line of the WSC in Adelaide!

What a race and what an exciting week lies behind us: this year's World Solar Challenge had it all for Team Sonnenwagen. They started well into the race and held a very good position for the first half of the it. They kept their 4th place for well beyond the control stop in Alice Springs.

Then, in the afternoon of Day 3, the Team was caught in a massive sand storm. Luckily, neither team nor car were harmed. But troubles weren't over yet for Team Sonnenwagen: on the very next day of the race, just hours after the race started again, the Covestro Sonnenwagen was hit by a harsh gust of wind. The car flipped over and rolled off the Stuart Highway. The driver wasn't harmed and with great luck, the car only sustained damages to the outer shell. No electrical, mechanical or structural parts were damaged, and so, after an emergency 'operation' the car was back on the road - battered but still going!

Continuing on to Adelaide, the team experienced another bump in the road when their shock absorber broke. But with some help from another team, they were quickly back in the race. Getting closer and closer to their destination!

And then, finally, on Day 6 at 10:03 in the morning the moment we've all been waiting for was finally here: the Covestro Sonnenwagen crossed the finish line in Adelaide!

Well done! Kudos to the whole team for making this trip only powered by the sun a reality!

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