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Congratulations to Team Sonnenwagen for a heroic effort in an extremely tough race

Battling sandstorms, mountain roads and breakdowns brought on by road conditions, we’re very pleased to announce that Team Sonnenwagen has completed the Solar Challenge Morocco 2021 race.

After 5 hard days of racing and 2,500km, the team has now crossed the line under the chequered flag in Agadir in 4th place. 

The last few days saw the team battling on and off the track. With the Covestro Photon suffering from road conditions in the day the team also dealt with sandstorms threatening to destroy their accommodation and the Covestro Photon in the night! The Team worked tirelessly around the clock to keep their race going!  

Back on the road, the team was busy battling for third place with the Vattenfall Solar team. The Covestro Photon got up to some good top speeds and jostled for position with the Vattenfall Solar car, overtaking them twice over day 3!

Race day 4 saw the car take on another 1,500m elevation, however after stopping to charge the battery the team noticed something was wrong with the suspension. With driver safety of paramount importance, the team took the decision to stop and fix it before heading back onto the road. So, while this set them back in time, it gave the battery more time to charge which allowed them car to try and gain back some time with faster speeds.

On the final day of the race, the Covestro Photon performed really well and saw the team cross the finish line in the Adrar Stadium, where it all started five days before.

After an exhausting week, we want to congratulate Team Sonnenwagen and celebrate all the teams that took part in the Solar Challenge Morocco 2021 race on what they achieved. 

This was by far the hardest solar challenge race that we have seen solar cars attempt. The teams have dealt with winds, steep mountain roads, obstacles, and many other challenges. However, they have overcame them all, and helped to push forward the boundary of solar e-mobility - showing just what can be achieved with true grit and determination!  

Watch Team Sonnenwagen finish here their race here

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