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Car testing in Aldenhoven

The team is getting ready to race through the Australian Outback. Last tests were performed at the Aldenhoven Testing Centre.

A car race through the Australian outback powered only by the sun? As you might imagine, such a challenge requires detailed preparation and careful planning. To make sure the new Sonnenwagen was ‘competition ready’ the students from Aachen put the car through its paces in August at the Aldenhoven Testing Centre (ATC) in Germany.

At the ATC, research is conducted on vehicle safety, the development of combustion engines and new hybrid drive concepts. On this day, however, no fossil fuel was needed only the sun! 

At the final testing, the Sonnenwagen performed admirably, even under harsh conditions. Comfortably achieving speeds of 100 km/h and handling perfectly, the team were pleased to see all the hard work had paid off and everything was ready to compete with the best teams from around the globe at the 2019 World Solar Challenge. 

How will the race go for our talented students? Follow the story here and let’s hope for sunny times!

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