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Another year, another World Solar Challenge!

Also in 2021, the Team Sonnenwagen from Aachen will take part in the world’s toughest solar car event – again sponsored by BayWa r.e.

The new year literally started with a change of scenery for our Sonnenwagen team: as their first project, they had to move into a new workshop. In the new premises, the team of students from the university RWTH Aachen are now working enthusiastically on their brand new model of their Sonnenwagen for the World Solar Challenge 2021. The challenging race through the Australian outback will take place from October 22-30th of this year.

So, around 10 months of hard work lie ahead of the team...After all, they finally want to make it to the winner's podium in their third participation in the race!

Due to the prevailing contact restrictions, the team cannot work together as usual on site in the workshop. Of course, this causes some delays but, nevertheless, the team is fully on schedule and has already completed the design of Sonnenwagen III and also the first delivery of components already arrived…. But until we will find out how the new car will look like, we still have to be patient. The official roll out is scheduled for July.

But what we can already tell you: the third edition of the Sonnenwagen will be powered by a wheel hub motor. The winding of the first prototypes is already completed and the final production is already in progress.

Stay tuned!

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