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A solar challenge in Morocco

In times of COVID-19, challenges take on a whole new dimension. This is also true for our sponsored solar car Team Sonnenwagen from Aachen university: After the World Solar Challenge 2021 had been cancelled, they have teamed up with 10 other European solar car teams to organize an alternative race - the Solar Challenge Morocco (SCM).

The Solar Challenge Morocco (SCM) will take place from 23 to 30 October 2021 and will be one of the longest solar challenges in the world. With 5 stages in 5 days, the new race is a real challenge! The start and finish line of the race will be in Agadir, a port city in southern Morocco. From there the racetrack runs over 2500km on public roads and through the Sahara Desert.

"SCM 2021 is a whole new challenge for us," said Simon Quinker, 2nd chairman of the association, "The event gives us the opportunity to not only co-organize a Solar Challenge but also to demonstrate our technical innovations in a completely new environment." 

New location – new challenges  

The team that has organised the race, chose Morocco because of its safe weather conditions. Whereas many of the participating solar racing teams are already familiar with the racetrack of the World Solar Challenge in Australia, the circumstances in Morocco will be completely new for everyone. Therefore, all participants are challenged to prove their technical innovations and experience in the field of solar-powered cars. Only the team with the most innovative and efficient solar car that can withstand the challenges of the Moroccan dessert will have a chance to win. Will our team Sonnenwagen get the deserved victory? Only time will tell... 

Sonnenwagen 3 nearly completed  

The students team from Aachen will compete in the challenge with their new Sonnenwagen 3, which is scheduled to roll out in mid-July, and of course expected to reach a top ranking thanks to its technical progress and the highly motivated team behind it.  

Our Team Sonnenwagen becoming famous! 

A film crew from the tv station WDR visited Team Sonnenwagen in their workshop and shot a TV feature for the science program “Quarks”. 

So, if you want to get some behind the scenes insights into the race preparations of the team from Aachen university, you should tune in on 11 May, 9 p.m. (CET) on WDR.

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