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5 questions to Nadia, Team Solar Cells at Covestro Sonnenwagen

We sat down with the face of our campaign, Nadia, and spoke with her about her role at Sonnenwagen, what it means to be a woman in engineering and much more.

We sat down with the face of our campaign, Nadia, and spoke with her about her role at Sonnenwagen, what it means to be a woman in engineering and much more.

1. What do you enjoy most about your job at Covestro Sonnenwagen? 

I think the most enjoyable aspect is simply working with the team, in general. It’s amazing that we are able to accomplish this just as students, who really don’t have any prior knowledge on how to build a car. We learn it on the spot and it’s really amazing what we can accomplish – and there is no better feeling than that.

2. Do you think the idea of contributing to something bigger, making a difference, in terms of renewable energy, is becoming more and more important to the younger generation and to you? 

Yes, absolutely. I think it is important to get involved now, and to act now! Just take a look at what is available, what you can do and contribute, even if it’s just the little things. You don’t have to build a solar car or something like that, but just get involved from now on.

Among the younger generation, the idea that e-mobility is a solution for reducing climate change has really picked up. What’s more, it is also cool to have e-mobility rather than the traditional cars and modes of transportation. I really hope that we can also transport this mindset to the older generation and say, ‘yes, this is what we need, and this is a perfect solution as long as we do have renewable energy available. Anything, but fossil fuels’. I think we just must change the minds of people to show them this is possible, and this is what we need.

3. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about engineering as a career path?

Well, I think, if you are not sure then just try it out! A life in engineering is a very rewarding career, and there are so many possibilities that will open through engineering. And even if you are not really a technical person, your ideas are what makes the building blocks for this career. And like I said, just go for it!

4. What’s your message to girls and young women looking towards getting into engineering?

I think starting young is very important. When you are younger try going to coding classes and involve yourself in science classes, in general. Or if you like math, that’s also a good option. I’d simply say just open yourself to this world and bring your self-confidence with you. Because you really have to kind of break the stigma that engineering is not for women, or that because it is a male-dominated field, we don’t belong in this industry. I think we definitely have to break through this barrier and just simply be fierce and power on. 

5. What if young minds shaped the future of e-mobility, what does that mean to you?

I think young minds are adaptable. They know what has to change. They know what has to be done, and I think they have a really good opportunity to convince the world that it is going to work. For example, with this project, we are already showing that it is possible, it can be done. With young minds, we offer a huge diversity as well. And with this wave of younger people, who want e-mobility to be the future, this just acts as the perfect key to then make this a reality.

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