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What if
we crossed continents, only powered by the sun?

BayWa r.e. and Team Sonnenwagen:
Following the Sun Together

Team Sonnenwagen is continuing its mission to develop a record-winning solar car that is entirely powered by the sun. The ambitious young team from Germany keeps pushing the boundaries of solar technology and proves it on the racetrack with impressive results. Their latest solar car, Sonnenwagen 4, will compete at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023 in Australia.

Before that, however, they’re attending two endurance competitions for solar race cars in Belgium and Italy to further prove their cars there. There have also been some interesting developments for Team Sonnenwagen in the last few weeks and months – read on to find out more!

Pushing Boundaries

Take a look at Team Sonnenwagen as they build up to this year’s World Solar Challenge 2021 in Morocco!

Route map

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Start: Darwin
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Daly Waters
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Tennant Creek
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Barrow Creek
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Alice Springs
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Coober Pedy
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Port Augusta
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Finish: Adelaide
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Sonnenwagen News

Meet the team

Now in its sixth year, the Sonnenwagen team has a new management team and around 50 members drawing together expertise across a range of disciplines including engineering, design, solar energy, battery systems and aerodynamics.

Below we meet some of the talented team members who have been helping Team Sonnenwagen to drive forward the future of eMobility.

Team Sonnenwagen
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Podcast with Sonnenwagen Aachen’s Tina Pauli – Head of Driving Strategy

With BayWa r.e.’s continued support, Team Sonnenwagen is gearing up for their next big challenge – The Solar Challenge Morocco 2021 which takes place in October. In our latest r.e.think energy podcast, we are joined by the Head of Team Sonnenwagen’s Driving Strategy, Tina Pauli, where we discuss the road to Morocco, the teams new car, Tina’s role on the team, careers in engineering and technology, e-mobility and of course, climate change.


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Meet the masterminds behind this revolutionary solar powered car

3022 km across the Australian outback, at an average speed of more than 80 km/h, powered by the sun, the worlds most renowned universities and teams come together for a demonstration of true teamwork, competitive spirit and determination.

Sonnenwagen Aachen are a team of innovative students who believe solar technology and sustainable mobility concepts are crucial for the future.


Hard work pays off. Sonnenwagen Aachen are on the road! Let the games begin.

“Our goal is to drive innovation in the areas of lightweight construction, solar energy and the driving strategy to show the world that e-mobility is the future.”

Sonnenwagen Aachen are officially on their way to the World Solar challenge. With unpredictable weather conditions, harsh terrain and sleepless nights, will they prove victorious? Join us as we witness a feat of true passion and teamwork.

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