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Ampero revolutionizes portfolio management with AI

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Ampero is the new FinTech software company of BayWa r.e. and offers portfolio management for owners of wind and solar plants. The Ampero software solution combines all relevant information such as financial and technical data as well as weather and energy market information. Its holistic approach sets it apart from conventional methods and provides a quick overview for smart decision-making. Ampero utilizes the latest AI functions and is now available on the market.

One-stop-solution for efficient portfolio management

The Ampero software solution was developed by long-time experts in renewable energy, data, and software. The developed solution provides a comprehensive overview of complex asset portfolios, enables faster financial reporting, and provides data-based information for strategic decisions.

Ampero makes it easier for renewable energy investors to grow a portfolio without the need for additional staff. By automating previously manual processes, portfolio managers can focus more on strategic tasks. In addition, the Ampero software solution offers the option of benchmarking individual assets with the global portfolio.

“At Ampero, we want to change investments in renewables and pave the way towards a sustainable future," says Philipp Joas, Managing Director of Ampero GmbH. "This is only possible if we harness the potential of data, digitalization and AI. This is why Ampero is an important partner for investors in renewables worldwide. Supported by a strong network, we are ready to revolutionize portfolio management in the renewable energy sector."

Ampero emerged from the company Kaiserwetter. This company was acquired by BayWa r.e. in 2021 and had established itself as a pioneer in the development of cloud-based portfolio management software for renewable energy - including with the introduction of the Aristoteles solution. Ampero reorganized the software, built on existing strengths and integrated new features. The resulting product is geared towards the increasingly dynamic market requirements and specific needs of investors.

Ampero GmbH:

Ampero GmbH is an expert in portfolio management software for renewable energies - formerly known as Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management. It combines the dynamic of a software company with the strength and network of BayWa r.e. This combination brings together the best of both worlds. The holistic solution addresses the daily challenges faced by investors. Complex and time-consuming processes are simplified. The associated high costs and risks are reduced. With this approach, Ampero is revolutionizing how investors manage and optimize their portfolios.

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