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A Pionieer of the industry for over a decade

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Biomethane’s use as a sustainable source of green energy and fuel is increasing. We are a pioneer of the German biomethane industry and have been one of the leading players in the injecting, trading, procuring and marketing of biomethane and biofuels for well over a decade.

We are able to draw on our extensive experience across all renewable energy types to provide direct marketing services

of renewable energy to asset owners. We also provide energy balancing services to grid providers for controllable energy assets.

For all your supply needs of green power and gas, we provide a broad range of suitable and innovative energy solutions for households, small businesses, the public sector and industrial clients.

How we can help you

Biomethane Trading

Biomethane Trading
In 2005, we became the first biomethane trading company in Germany.

From consultancy biomethane use and economic feasibility studies, to grid connections and proof of origin, we have extensive knowledge and expertise at every stage of the process.

Biofuels Supply

Biofuels Supply
As energy transition pioneers, it is our mission to safeguard and expand the supply of environmentally responsible biomethane.

Procured from across Germany, our experts optimise your portfolio by managing grid connections, injection, extraction, and by taking care of the supplier change process.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing
Direct marketing for asset owners is a popular alternative to a conventional feed-in. Through our ‘virtual power plant’ we can network producers to our customers.

Our experts also support plant operators of all renewable energy types to market their electricity on exchanges and balancing services.

Green Energy Supply

Green Energy Supply
From our large portfolio of green energy, including our own and third party renewable energy assets, we supply over 25,000 customers across Germany with green power and green gas.

Our green energy is certified by TÜV and with ok-power-plus for sustainable and green energy supply.

BayWa r.e. Energy Trading in Numbers

GWh trading volume of biomethane and green gas per year
end users receive our clean and sustainable green energy in Germany
MW direct marketing volume under contract

Case Study

r.e.think Energy Trading

At BayWa r.e., we are committed to making renewable energy a choice that everyone can make. r.e.mix is an exciting and flexible green energy product portfolio that we offer our household and small business consumers in Germany. It gives them a new way to source their electricity and gas from 100 percent renewables.

Consumers have the opportunity to mix exclusively their green electricity from water, wind and sun. It’s a clever solution allowing our customers to select energy based on their environmental preferences, using a simple tool on our website

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