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Case Study

How can I drive into the future?

What does the customer gain?

As part of its commitment to work towards clear and tangible sustainability goals, the BayWa Group has commissioned an end-to-end eMobility solution, including charging services at BayWa’s headquarters in Germany for employees and customers.  

The system, installed at our headquarters in Munich, is a combination of advanced and state-of-the-art products including a hybrid battery, fully integrated load management and a smart charging infrastructure.

The smart dynamic Energy Management System (EMS) is connected to a complex measurement system. 

In a nutshell

We installed an additional storage unit to optimise the building's energy system with the added value of cost-saving. Commissioning took place in 2019. 

An eMobility concept not only significantly appreciates your property, it also provides a positive, visual signal to both employees and customers, demonstrating your strong commitment towards sustainability. 

What we did

BayWa r.e. was responsible for the entire set-up including system design, construction, operation and billing for public charging.

The services provided included billing concepts for internal and external use, a smart EMS (Energy Management System), a hybrid battery storage system for peak shaving and load management of 70AC and 8DC fast-charging points.

The total capacity: 1.3 MW charging power and 164 kWh storage with the requirement to save capacity charges.

We are looking to further extend the charging infrastructure at our headquarters with other charging solution providers, to enable us to learn more about the connectivity capabilities of a wide range of charging solutions currently available in the market and to push the technology further.

Stefan Tait
Strategy Manager, BayWa r.e.

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