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Through the BayWa Group, our expertise and experience working with the agricultural community stretches back over decades. We have helped design, develop, construct, commission and successfully run bioenergy plants across Germany and into wider Europe.

Adding value at every stage, we are leading the rapidly growing repowering market and are helping our customers to ensure the long-term viability and operation of their bioenergy plants.

How We Can Help You

Operations Management

Operations Management
Need staff on the ground but don’t want the overheads? We can manage your onsite operations and are available 24/7, seven days a week.

Our back-office is there for troubleshooting, coordinating maintenance and continuous monitoring. And we always keep you fully informed.
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Feedstock Management

Feedstock Management
From defining feedstock mixes, to seasonal cultivation advice and harvest management, we can support you.

Advice on farmland selection, yield optimised seeds and cultivation monitoring makes us your partner to the last day of harvest. Quality analysis then ensures timely billing.

Planning and Technical Consultation

Planning and Technical Consultation
Whether planning, acquiring, funding, or even running your own project, we can support you. We provide expert advice from greenfield right through to construction and implementation.

Our services cover all project design stages, and we provide guidance during permitting, funding and construction.


We are at the forefront of the rapidly growing biogas repowering market. In order to provide strategic and tactical recommendations, we analyse existing plants, determine strengths and weaknesses, and identify risks and future potential.

We also acquire, upgrade and re-commission plants ourselves.

Project Development

Project Development
Our services encompass the entire value creation process of a project up until ground-breaking.

We can take care of everything, from the first feasibility study through to permitting, stakeholder management, business modelling, project finance, detailed engineering and preparation of tenders.

Turnkey Construction

Turnkey Construction
We plan and tender projects, oversee construction and commission. We can support under typical construction management service agreements or assume full EPC responsibility.

Working alongside communities, farmers, grid operators and authorities, we ensure your project fulfils its potential.

Specific Services for your country can be found on the country page.

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BayWa r.e. Bioenergy in Numbers

bioenergy projects in four European countries
MW gas output realised

BayWa r.e. rescues Germany’s pilot biogas plant

As a leader in the German renewable energy market, the opportunity arose to save the award-winning Pliening biogas facility. Pliening is the oldest biomethane facility in Germany and it was a rescue mission that we were excited to take up.

Located in Bavaria, the plant creates natural gas and has a feed-in biomethane capacity of 485 Nm3 biomethane per hour (equalling around 5,300 kW), which makes an annual output of approximately 45 GWh.

Unfortunately, the previous owners could no longer continue with the plant as they were unable to keep up with its maintenance requirements. Through our raw material supply, we were already involved with Pliening and were able to quickly step in to save the plant.

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Full capacity at our first UK biogas facility

Meden Vale, the former Welbeck colliery site in Nottinghamshire, was our first design and build biogas project in the UK.

The site was identified as having excellent potential for a biogas facility and we joined the project with co-developer AcrEnergy just as it was getting off the ground. Time was of the essence and a key challenge was to bring the facility online in time to meet the deadline for the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

In just 18 months, we developed the design, secured planning approval, constructed and brought the plant online.

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