Experience and global contacts

Technical expertise amassed through numerous repowering projects around the world

Repowering: More output, fewer turbines, more yield

With the relative scarcity of new planning areas, replacing old wind turbines with modern, efficient systems is becoming an increasingly important way to increase the yield from wind farms. Planning errors in existing wind farms can be corrected and environmental impact (such as noise pollution) can be reduced.

BayWa r.e. organises the repowering with operators, land owners, local communities, residents and investors. Due to our many years of experience in project development and in the operation of our own wind farms, we are able to draw various interest groups together in order to achieve optimum use of the repowering potential.

We will be glad to take on a central role for you, based on our experience in repowering projects – we are the repowering partner for the entire output spectrum, as well as for specialist services. From technical planning, evaluation and the approval process through to the dismantling and commissioning of your new wind turbines, we are your single source for all services you could possibly require.

Repowering needs long-term planning - contact us at an early stage

We believe that, with proper structuring, all parties will benefit from repowering. As your partner and drawing on our extensive expertise, we are in a position to support you in developing and implementing optimum solutions.

Our services:

  • Economic and technical evaluation of the repowering potential as well as identification of the optimal timing for a repowering project
  • Investigation and development of planning conditions with the appropriate authorities
  • On-site information events, showing the benefits of repowering by means of visual presentation, visibility analyses, mediating in existing conflicts, etc.
  • Project structuring and planning from the evaluation of potential, land acquisition, technical planning and approval process through to construction and operation
  • Complete dismantling of wind turbines, foundations, installation areas and access roads
  • Construction of new wind turbines and the complete infrastructure
  •  Comprehensive technical consultation and full project support
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    Udo Follrichs


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Selling of used turbines regionally and worldwide

As a result of the on-going planning and marketing activities of our repowering team, we have developed an extensive portfolio of business contacts. We are therefore in a position to offer customers comprehensive advice on the acquisition as well as the sale of pre-owned turbines.

More about selling of used turbines you can find here.


Optimising rotor blade performance

Our e-ro programme develops components as retrofit sets for existing or new rotor blades on wind turbines. These are designed to significantly improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce noise development in rotor blades. Integrating our retrofit sets improves the flow characteristics significantly.

Existing rotor blades, particularly those that are earmarked for inspection and repairs following several years in use, should be extended through the mounting of appropriate components. Operators benefit from substantial increases in annual energy yields, thereby resulting in rapid payback.

The DEWI OCC-certified components are unique and offer fantastic improvements in output, particularly in less than optimum locations, without having a negative effect on other wind turbine assemblies.

  • Annika Behrens

    Annika Behrens

    Rotor Blade Services

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