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On-site consumption for commerce, local authorities and private households

Act now and lower your energy bills forever

Rising electricity prices and falling investment outlays for renewable energy make self-supply using renewables an interesting alternative, whether for large industrial customers and local authorities or for trade contractors and private customers. Although on-site consumption is subject to a levy under the revised 2014 Renewable Energy Sources Act, PV and CHP-generated power is still a potentially cost effective source of energy. What's more, you can still feed into the public grid any power that you generate but cannot fully use yourself, and be paid for it according to the rates laid down in the Renewable Energy Sources Act and the Combined Heat and Power Act.


Our free offer for your photovoltaic plant:

We check whether your roof is suitable for a photovoltaic plant of at least 2000 m².

  •  Based on a yield simulation we calculate the likely power generation of your plant
  • Using your individual consumer load profile, we forecast your potential on-site consumption
  • We optimise the plant size in accordance with your intended level of self-sufficiency or on-site consumption

For further information on solutions for on-site consumption in smaller commercial enterprises, visit our PV trade section. There you will also find points of contacts in your area.

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Viable solar power generation models for businesses

While the classic feed-in approach under the Renewable Energy Sources Act continues to be an option, more and more businesses are using solar power plants for on-site consumption – and in the process, are securing for themselves more independence from regular increases in the price of electricity. BayWa r.e. can support you here with two models developed specifically for businesses:

Profit without investing

Would you prefer to avoid tying up a lot of capital but still like to reduce your energy costs over the long term? Then use our leasing model. We lease the photovoltaic plant on your roof to you, and you use the low cost solar power for your on-site consumption. That way, there are no investment costs and you enjoy maximum security in terms of costs across the entire service life of the system. After 20 years of operation, you can if you wish acquire the plant on fair terms.

Save electricity costs and secure long term returns

Are you looking for a safe and profitable investment opportunity for your capital, while seeking a permanent reduction in your electricity costs? Then investing in your own photovoltaic plant with on-site consumption is the right solution for you.
You can currently secure any outside capital you need at particularly low rates. Your own capital contribution has a payback of just eight years and your returns grow against the background of constantly rising electricity prices.