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Experience and profound know-how

Ever since the business was founded 20 years ago, we have developed in-house service concepts and technologies that have led us, almost inevitably, to be able to provide a level of service that now defines the standard for the wind turbine sector. Our range of services are oriented on technological developments, innovative material research and application techniques for repair and processing that are state of the art – our services have a range and depth that's hard to beat.

This applies to the service and repair work required on site as part of servicing rotors, just as much as the fibre composite technologies applied in the rotor blade reconstruction at our works. When it comes to rotor optimisation, new technologies now enable us to correct rotor imbalances and pitches, be they due to mass or statics.

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Certified quality service provider for all makes and categories

All rotor services have been certified according to the guidelines and specifications of German Lloyd (GL Wind) when it comes to requirements pertaining to materials and manufacturing processes, acceptance and inspection of fibre composite materials, as well as the repair of rotor blades and components.

In addition, all services of BayWa r.e. including bulk transport logistics, have been certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN ISO 500001:2011.

All necessary steps together with the certificates required are recorded in full by our service teams, and passed onto our customers in their entirety, by our technical documentation service.

The future in our sights

Wide ranging developments in the wind power market call for service concepts that are focused on the practical application of technological developments and the highest demands for efficiency.

We are a leading service provider for the wind power sector. In delivering our range of services, we draw on more than 18 years' experience and technical expertise. This has helped us to positively affect the service standard in the past and will continue to do so in the future.


Competence for a trouble-free future

Blade damage is best detected by routine inspections, accompanied by detailed technical records. Even before the warranty period expires, this enables specific repairs to be discussed and carried out under optimum conditions in mutual cooperation with manufacturers, insurers and operators. One of the most frequent causes for downtime are lightning strikes. A regular inspection of lightning protection systems is therefore essential and required by insurers.

For wind turbines, our trained teams of staff provide quick and straightforward, as well as economical, analyses of the rotor blade in situ. Such inspections are performed from suspended climbing gear or special access platforms.

The following services form part of either an individual or regular rotor inspection:

  • Checking the blade shells
  • Checking the internal blade body
  • Checking the lightning protection system
  • Checking the aerodynamic elements
  • Checking the blade flanges/joints to the hub
  • Checking the tip mechanism (where installed)
  • Damage documentation with extensive pictorial backup
  • Damage analysis
  • Expert opinion

Maintenance for long term value retention

As part of the routine maintenance of rotor blades, our staff will advise you in detail as to what specific steps your system requires to safeguard its economically optimum operation and to retain the value of the turbine in the long term.

You can then determine whether some of the recommended services, or a comprehensive service with a maintenance contract, would suit you best. All of our services would include the maintenance work requested in the operating manual by the turbine manufacturer, as well as the steps required by our own specific inspections.

As an option, any faults may be remedied on site, avoiding the additional costs entailed in another repair job and trip to site.

Experts and insurers recommend bi-annual inspection intervals. For sites with extreme exposure we may recommend even shorter maintenance intervals. We offer these essential inspections either by means of affordable suspended climbing gear or, if necessary, using the BayWa r.e. Rotor Service access platform. Once it has been established that there are no faults to be found or, if a defect is detected, after the repair has been completed, we will produce our report which details the overall state of the rotor blades.

Our services

  • Routine maintenance as a stand-alone service
  • Complete maintenance and care contracts
  •  Maintenance and care services tailored to individual customer requirements

Preservation for economical long term protection

Many different environmental influences, long hours run and high tip speeds demand a lot from rotor blades of all classes.

Dirt and damage resulting from the high stresses and harsh conditions to which rotor blades are subjected result in reduced output, for example. Output reductions of up to 1.5 % are, according to DEWI (German Wind Energy Institute) investigations, the regular result of blade contamination alone.

After the rotor blades have been cleaned, a special wax treatment can be applied on customer request. This protects the blade surface and seals small shrinkage cavities. This type of preservation also notably prevents frost damage on the surface.

The service costs entailed in cleaning, preservation and rotor blade inspection are subsequently rapidly made up by higher yields.

Rotor blade care services:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface sealing

Minimised downtime – irrespective of make and turbine size

In spite of being designed for a service life of two decades, even robustly made rotor blades will, after a time, frequently indicate damage that results in reduced yields.

Specially designed platforms enable safe and quick access to the damaged sections of the rotor blades to be repaired. Independent of the output categories of various manufacturers, we guarantee a rapid and perfect repair to remove cracks and faults, applying special methods and materials. Repairs to the tip mechanism and reinstatement of the lightning protection system are part of our on-site repair portfolio.

Erosion on the leading edge of rotor blades is a typical form of damage discovered by expert inspection. A high performance protective film is applied to the leading edges of rotor blades to provide effective long term protection. This anti-erosion film withstands extreme loads and protects the leading edge of the rotor blade, thereby preventing further damage over an extended period.

Our repair services are certified and implemented in compliance with the stringent specifications of German Lloyd Wind.

Our services:

  • Repair of damage to the rotor blade surface and in particular to the leading edge of the rotor blade
  • Upgrading and repair of the high performance protective film to protect the leading edge of the rotor blades
  • Cleaning and sealing of the rotor blade surface with special wax
  • Application of signal coatings
  • Repair / upgrading of aerodynamic elements
  • Repair of cracks on the entire rotor
  • Repair / updating of the lightning protection system
  • Repair / maintenance of the tip mechanism
  • Retrofits / repair of serial faults
  • Overhaul and reconstruction of rotor blades after lightning strike
  • Repair of GRP and CFRP structures using the hand lamination process with vacuum technology and vacuum injection moulding
  • Budget conscious repair concepts for sustainable operation
  • Individually tailored full maintenance contracts
  • State of the art access technology

Special solutions for complex cases

Complex rotor blade repairs in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications, reconstruction of faulty rotor blade parts or extensive structural and aerodynamic retrofitting measures are often not possible if the blade is in situ. To address this problem, our BayWa r.e. Rotor Service GmbH facility has more than 5000 m² of available space in air conditioned repair workshops. In combination with the vibration free positioning of rotor blades, this allows optimum repair results to be achieved. Due to the fact that several repair areas can be accessed simultaneously, work sequences can be planned very efficiently, allowing the most economical use of the time and effort required for the repair as a whole and minimising downtime.

A separate spray hall provides partial and complete paint application of the highest quality. Determining and establishing torque equilibrium (trimming) ensures vibration free operation of the wind turbine after the rotor blade has been re-installed.

Our services:

  • Manufacturer-independent service provider for all types of wind turbines and rotor blades
  • High availability of repair materials and spare parts
  • Ideal ambient conditions (temperature and relative humidity) during repairs
  • Vibration free positioning
  • Use of all common lamination processes: 1) hand lamination with/without curing using vacuum technology 2) vacuum infusion of glass and carbon fibre structures
  • Full reconstruction of faulty rotor blade parts
  • Carrying out of extensive structural and aerodynamic retrofitting measures
  • Simultaneous treatment of multiple repair areas to ensure the most economical use of the time and effort required for the repair as a whole
  • Large-scale heat curing of all areas to be repaired
  • Partial and complete paint application without inclusions of dust and impurities
  • Determining and establishing torque equilibrium after extensive repairs and retrofits

Capacities for large dimensions

Our Basdahl facility enjoys ideal infrastructure links between Hamburg and Bremen and offers optimum storage capacities for rotor blades, used wind turbines and components. On a plot of some 50,000 m² with 7300 m² of covered warehousing, we can store renovated replacement blade sets on behalf of customers, so these can be drawn on immediately as a need arises. Within an extremely short response time, these sets can be transported with our own heavy haulage vehicles to the relevant wind farm.

This rapid replacement service reduces downtime and safeguards turbine operation with almost unrestricted positive operation and yield results.

Used wind turbines and components, too, such as nacelles, tower sections and rotor blades, find specialised storage facilities on this site within its constantly expanding warehouse space.

The clearly structured storage areas offer optimum loading and shipping conditions that facilitate rapid and reliable handling into and from the storage facility.

Our services:

  • Storage of replacement blade sets
  •  Storage of used wind turbines

Success based on a first class team

Our staff are highly qualified in all technical areas – the result of our policy to encourage certificated training and career development. In addition to our own service engineers, we also train apprentices to become qualified service specialists for the wind power sector.

Internal courses on individual manufacturers round off our training program. Safety courses held regularly by specialists make our teams of fitters well versed in all matters concerning safety on site.


Services with a quality seal

We are a leading supplier of services and are certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008, DIN ISO 50001:2011 as well as by German Lloyd Wind.

All work is executed in compliance with the demanding specification of German Lloyd Wind, detailed by material certificates and documentation. This translates into seamlessly certified safety without compromise. Our independent expert opinions are accepted by manufacturers, insurers and planning authorities alike.

Our independent reports are accepted by manufacturers, insurers and planning authorities alike.


Certified by Germanischen Lloyd Wind


Certified quality management ISO9001:2008

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Certified management system ISO 50001