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We guarantee high efficiency and availability – the most important conditions for high returns.

Photovoltaic and biogas plants and wind farms

As a professional service provider, we offer all operators integrated system solutions. These include operations management of wind farms, as well as the associated substations, photovoltaic and biogas plants. As part of this service, we take care of all technical and commercial aspects of our customers' systems. Your investment in renewables and renewable energy systems should provide sustainable and reliable returns. With state of the art monitoring solutions, our own control centre and through intensive communication between project management service teams on site, we ensure that technical requirements are fully met.

We have been responsible for a large number of projects for banks, international and well respected national investment companies with a total capacity of significantly more than 2.4 GW with photovoltaic/biogas plants and wind farms, since 1994. Currently, we are responsible for approximately 500 projects worldwide and provide technical operations management in over 10 European countries as well as in the USA.

Operations management of PV plants

Central monitoring, project management and service teams on site, as well as tried and tested processes and structures provide the technical support that ensures you maximum availability and optimised yields from your PV plant. To achieve this, we have a wide spectrum of services available from which we develop tailor-made support concepts, providing you with proficient and reliable support from a permanent contact whenever necessary. We recognise the importance of being closely involved to fully understand your requirements and promote this through direct exchange at regular meetings and events.

On request, we guarantee you plant availability of up to 99 %. Our development of new maintenance concepts is targeted at achieving greater efficiency and higher yields: our drone check, using thermal imaging, exposes any weak points in your system, enabling you to fully exploit your earnings potential.

Overview of our PV services

  • 24/7 monitoring by our control centre with multilingual employees
  • Operating data analysis, technical assessments and on-going reporting
  • Maintenance, repairs and regular inspections
  • Processing of warranty claims, insurance and loss cases
  • Yield optimisation
  • HSE-Management
  • Taking on responsibility for the plant in line with DIN VDE 0105 -100
  • IT Security and plant communication
  • Thermal imaging / curve measurement (via drone)
  • Innovative maintenance concepts such as the solar harvesting assistant
  • Interface to commercial operations management, energy trading, energy supply utili
  • Christoph Reiners

    Christoph Reiners


    BayWa r.e. Operation Services GmbH

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We take on responsibility for your wind project

We place the security and economic viability of your investment at the centre of our activities. Based on many years of experience, we ensure yield-optimised operation of your wind turbine through sophisticated interaction between centralised monitoring, an authorised project manager, on-site presence and certified processes.

Our multilingual control centre monitors your plant around the clock, providing fast and reliable detection of any faults or need for repairs. This centralised monitoring is reinforced by on-site plant inspections and troubleshooting.

Our work is backed up by powerful management software. In an on-going process, wind turbine operating data is read out, stored and analysed in the software. Our employees evaluate and check the data for plausibility and respond to any abnormalities. You can have all the information at your fingertips - simply request access to the software, either browser based or via a mobile phone app. All relevant documents are filed electronically, providing traceable and full documentation of your plant's history.

Each plant is allocated a project manager and deputy, who provide professional support for your plant on a long term basis. Together with our specialists and with our own on-site service engineers as well as the wind farm caretakers, we monitor operations at the wind farm and ensure that procedures in each process chain run smoothly.

Assumption of equipment responsibility

DIN VDE 0105 -100 defines the respective requirements for maintaining electrical equipment in a safe condition and use it safely.

Accordingly, the operator of a wind turbine has a legal obligation to continuously guarantee the safe operation of the wind turbine through repairs and maintenance. A person must be designated as being in charge of the wind turbine who takes direct responsibility for the operation of the electrical equipment during electrical work. 

BayWa r.e. implements the current requirements of the new guideline and offers you to put the responsibility of the equipment into the hands of experienced electricians. The implementation of DIN VDE 0105-100 helps you as the operator of electrical equipment to meet your legal obligations with regard to the protection of persons and material property. The person in charge of the equipment is at all times the contact for all persons and companies involved in the repairs and coordinates all processes – in the interest of the greatest possible safety.

Contact us if you want to find out more about equipment responsibility and the setting up of a functional work organisation for your wind farms.

Overview of our Wind services

  • 24/7 monitoring by our control centre with multilingual employees
  • Taking on responsibility for the plant in line with DIN VDE 0105 -100
  • Managing and monitoring maintenance, repairs and regular inspections
  • Regular inspection of technical systems, including the use of drones and infrared photos, and documentation of plant history
  • Collection of operating data, information management and analysis
  • Plant optimisation and assistance with repowering measures
  • On-going reporting
  • HSE management and documentation
  • Processing of warranty claims, insurance and loss cases

  • Axel Lembke

    Axel Lembke

    Wind energy

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Best service for you biogas plant

Utilisation rates and downtime don't just happen, they can be placed under constant control through professional operations management. As your capable and experienced partner, we can optimise your plant operation.

Our core competencies encompass technical and commercial operations management including biological support and checking. Plant management in line with statutory permits ensures reliable operation for many years. Continuous optimisation during operation guarantees a high level of technical utilisation and availability.

Our work is backed up by powerful management software. Operating data is captured automatically, analysed and assessed by our staff. All relevant documents are filed electronically.

On request, we not only take care of the technical performance of your plant, but also look after your commercial interests.

Overview of our Biogas services

  • Correct operation of the plant by trained personnel
  • Charging with optimised feed specifications matched to your plant technology and the raw materials available
  • Continuous monitoring of operational conditions and parameters
  • Regular visual inspection of the plants by RFID chips, making every date transparent and synchronising everything into the operating log
  • Biological operations management and silo management
  • Ensuring operational reliability
  • Remote monitoring of plant operation, incl. 24 h hotline
  • Control and monitoring of maintenance work required
  • Organisation and monitoring of repairs and troubleshooting
  • Spare parts management
  • Collection of operating data and keeping a real-time electronic operating log
  • Deadline management to secure EEG tariffs and fulfil permit requirements (e.g. BImSchG, VAwS, environmental assessors)
  • Claims management, processing of warranty claims, insurance and loss cases
  • Optional: provision of operating personnel (extensive or supplementary, e.g. in the event of staff shortages due to holidays or illness)

  • Dennis Bollin

    Dennis Bollin


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