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Raw material management and cultivation advice

Our service spectrum ranges from cultivation advice to harvest management. With advice on such aspects as the selection of location, yield-optimised seeds, crop rotation and careful soil cultivation, we are your professional partner right through to the last day of harvest.

Our raw material management team has extensive experience in the field of biogas plant operations management, as well as agricultural and substrate consultation. Moreover, they have the entire service spectrum of the BayWa AG seed division at their disposal.

Our services for raw material management:

  • Securing the supply for your biogas plant with renewable raw materials and agricultural waste products
  • Contract and risk management as well as price hedging
  • Spot market acquisition
  • Quality management for raw materials
  • Harvesting, delivery and storage of raw materials. Optimising the harvest and JIT logistics with MR and manpower contractors
  • Fermentation product analysis
  • Fermentation product application in compliance with statutory requirements
  • Optimisation of raw materials, e.g. with regard to cost, in line with EK class remuneration
  • Gerald Marunde

    Gerald Marunde

    Head of Feedstock Management

    BayWa r.e. Bioenergy GmbH

    T: +49 941 698730 0