Mix your own personal 100 % green power from water, wind and sun

Become part of the energy revolution by taking advantage of r.e.mix green power. By choosing r.e.mix you will be providing nature with sustainable benefits, while at the same time supporting the energy industry in Germany. You can put together your own r.e.mix green power according to your own personal preferences and needs: We offer more than ten combinations of hydro, wind and solar energy for you to mix yourself. That way, everyone finds the perfect tariff. Just try it!

r.e.mix green power

100 % green power from renewable sources

  • Ecological: 100 % green power in your own personal mix of hydro, wind and solar power
  • Local: regional power from Germany
  • Sustainable: encouraging the construction of green power plants by BayWa r.e.
  • Secure: prices guaranteed* for 12 or 24 months
  • User friendly: free hotline and online customer portal
  • Simple: easy to order; we take care of the changeover

* Applies to energy price and standing charges, not taxes or levies.


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