Your own choice of biomethane content: now you can mix your own green gas tariff

Your contribution to climate protection – discover for yourself the benefits of r.e.mix green gas. For our green gas tariff, you don't need to make any changes to your heating system. And the proportion of biomethane in your r.e.mix green gas is determined by you.

r.e.mix green gas

Green gas with the biomethane content of your choice

  • Sustainable: replaces fossil natural gas with climate friendly biomethane
  • Tailored: flexible choice of biomethane content in your green gas
  • Secure: prices guaranteed* for 12 or 24 months
  • User friendly: free hotline and online customer portal
  • Simple: easy to order; we take care of the changeover

* Applies to energy price and standing charges, not taxes or levies.


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