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Engineering and technical consultation

No matter whether you are planning, acquiring, funding or even running your own project, our subsidiary, renerco plan consult GmbH, can provide plenty of support with its wide range of technical services.

Our experience and expertise is international in scope, enabling us to support clients of all kinds, including cooperatives, community-based energy cooperatives, city technical services and power supply utilities, international banks, investment companies and institutional investors. We provide help and advice from the development of the initial project outline to its implementation, and also offer ongoing assistance in the fields of wind power, photovoltaics, biomass and deep geothermal energy.

Our services cover all project design stages, as well as providing guidance during the approval process and construction work. This is in addition to providing quality assurance during construction, technical testing and acceptance inspections. As project manager, we ensure your project runs smoothly.

We can prepare the necessary expert reports, for example, on wind and solar yield, noise pollution and shadow effect. We provide LiDAR wind measurements for site assessments.

We can assist you in acquiring or funding projects with technical testing and support during the acquisition phase through to fully comprehensive technical feasibility studies as part of due diligence.

Once your project is operational, we can support you in all aspects of plant operation, whether you need answers to specific questions or professional technical cost accounting. We can also draw on expertise in optimising technical operations, as well as evaluating and implementing repowering potentials.

Our services are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

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Yield assessments

Yield assessments with a realistic forecast of energy potentials are one of the key foundations of a wind energy or photovoltaic project. Our subsidiary, renerco plan consult GmbH, can provide you with these services.

By using tried and tested specialist software and precise meteorological data whilst complying with all the applicable standards, we provide meaningful, well-founded expert opinions.

To complement this, we conduct LiDAR wind measurements for site assessments using the latest equipment.

We do, of course, also analyse existing expert reports and help you to find reliable key data to assess a project.

As an additional service, we offer expert reports on noise pollution and the shadow effect of wind turbines.

Our services are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


LiDAR wind measurement

Wind measurements are a tried and tested method of reliably assessing the wind potential of a site. The significance of wind measurements when preparing expert wind reports continues to increase with the 9th revision of FGW guideline TR 6.

LiDAR technology now offers a method that is recognised according to the applicable technical guidelines, and is a method that offers considerable benefits in comparison with conventional met masts. Consequently, you do not need planning permission, you can position and relocate the technology in a few hours, and only need a small clearing when used in a forest. High quality measurements can be obtained at all heights relevant to advanced wind turbines, even above 200 m.

A LiDAR device can even be used to assess a wind turbine's performance characteristics.

Our subsidiary, renerco plan consult GmbH, offers fully comprehensive LiDAR measurements using the latest, validated equipment, which are fitted with their own, independent power supply.

Our services are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

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    Tilo Wachter


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