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We are the experts in turnkey systems that employ renewable energies.

Our experienced project managers ensure that projects are developed in readiness for construction, and that their implementation precisely meets our customers' expectations. Our integrated project scheduling also guarantees that the unique conditions of every site are put to best use and that technical and financial requirements are met in full. We procure all necessary components and put in place the infrastructure required, all the while adhering to mechanical and electrical specifications.

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Wind turbines

The acquisition and construction of wind turbines is a crucial factor when erecting a turnkey wind farm. Our teams undertake the installation of the physical and electrical infrastructure of the wind farm and all of the engineering. Integrated implementation planning ensures optimum matching to site conditions as well as technical and financial requirements.

We procure essential elements such as foundations, wiring, wind turbine and transformer, combining them into a perfectly matching whole.

From initial planning to commissioning, we set new benchmarks for scheduling and cost management. Naturally, the provision of a comprehensive set of technical documentation forms part of our quality assurance policy.

  • Jürgen Maier

    Jürgen Maier


    BayWa r.e. Wind GmbH

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Solar farms

We have been involved in developing and realising large scale solar PV plants throughout Germany and the rest of Europe for nearly a decade. Our strongest suit: We specialise in the set-up of turnkey solar PV farms with megawatt generating capacity. This means that we handle the entire project – from planning to implementation.

System integration is of particularly high importance to us. We carefully select each and every component, for example the sub-structure, and engineer the entire plant ourselves, right down to the last detail. We only call on reputable manufacturers, particularly when it comes to components such as photovoltaic modules and inverters. The system standards defined by our experienced engineers guarantee that the photovoltaic modules, inverters, wiring and sub-structure are optimally matched at every part of the system. 

We aim to make the best possible use of the available land/space through site-specific plant engineering and the employment of high quality system technology throughout. All of which are prerequisites for high system yields that last.

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  • Christof Thannbichler

    Christof Thannbichler


    BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH

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Biogas plants for sustainable raw materials and biowaste

Our range of services encompasses the biogas production value chain in its entirety – from the initial feasibility study to the trade in biomethane.

BayWa r.e. develops, builds and operates biogas plants in selected regions across Europe. To date, our biogas portfolio represents an installed electrical capacity of more than 30 MW.

  • Christoph von Jan

    Christoph von Jan


    Schradenbiogas GmbH & Co. KG

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  • Torsten Warmbold

    Torsten Warmbold


    BayWa r.e. Bioenergy GmbH

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Raw material management and cultivation consultancy for biogas plants

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The availability of raw materials, the application area for fermentation products and a suitable piece of land for the biogas plant, as well as the option of grid connection (power and/or gas) are checked as part of this process. We determine which type of plant suits an application (primarily size and type of energy utilisation, that is gas injection or CHP unit) and take care of the application process with the relevant authorities. As a consequence, we can determine a time line and an estimate of costs and returns to act as a guideline for initial discussions with banks and investors.

Preliminary and option contracts secure raw materials, application land and the land for the biogas plant itself. Grid connection contracts are concluded. In the case of projects that include CHP units, heat transfer contracts are negotiated ahead of build. Selected equipment suppliers have issued offers that include running costs and maintenance concepts as part of a tendering process that is manufacturer-neutral. The permit application is made by us.

This enables BayWa r.e. to tighten up time line, costs and returns, which can be submitted to all participants.

All raw materials and the necessary application land for fermentation products are contractually secured; the purchasing or leasing contract for the land is ready for signature. A binding cost calculation is available for the grid export/injection. Heat transfer contracts are ready for signature. Final offers including running costs and maintenance concepts from equipment suppliers have been obtained. Planning consent has been granted. This enables the complete financial model for the project to be finalised with banks and investors so that construction can commence.

Apart from the digester, a complete biogas plant also includes other vital elements, such as gas utilisation (e.g. CHP unit on site, satellite CHP units for heat contractors or a gas injection plant for exporting gas to the natural gas grid). Other elements include all of the peripheral equipment, the infrastructure (access roads, fencing, drainage and water supply installations, raw material storage, operating premises, etc.) as well as compensatory measures resulting from permit requirements. 
BayWa r.e., as a general contractor, provides a competent project manager for the entire realisation stage of the build, right up to the point where capacity is made available. This manager supervises not only the coordination between the various sub-contractors, but also adherence to all safety, time and financial specifications and requirements.

  • Daniel Liegl

    BayWa r.e. Bioenergy GmbH

    T: +49 941 698730 0


Since 2004 we have been working on the development of geothermal projects and are joint-venture partners in Süddeutsche Geothermie-Projekte GmbH & Co. KG (SGG) which was established in 2007. SGG executes geothermal projects in the Molasse basin in Upper Bavaria.

Having successfully completed two geothermal doublets in Duerrnhaar and Kirchstockach, BayWa r.e. has a significant interest in the development of a renewable energy source which is, as yet, underdeveloped in Germany yet promises enormous potential.

Our involvement in this venture allowed us to further develop this technology and accumulate even more experience. This expertise is now offered to our customers as part of our consulting service.


The Duerrnhaar project in the Bavarian Molasse basin

  • Tilo Wachter

    Tilo Wachter


    renerco plan consult GmbH

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