Make your land work for you as a power utility

Generate power yourself with photovoltaic plants or lease your land/space for a large scale system.

Transform unused space into profit

We engineer and install photovoltaic plants on the roofs of large private, commercial or public properties. The revised 2014 Renewable Energy Sources Act allows 100 % feed-in to the grid with corresponding rewards. Our preference is to "pool" several buildings for joint PV plants and to optimise the on-site consumption of the solar power generated. This produces benefits for your own power consumption drawn from the grid and provides excellent returns. You can find further information on the subject of on-site consumption here.


Central storage facility of BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems in Tuebingen, Germany

  • Christof Thannbichler

    Christof Thannbichler


    BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH

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Leasing or becoming a power generator in your own right?

Make use of your agricultural land, set-aside or land conversion for the construction of solar plants and wind turbines.

Solar Energy

Land converted from industrial or military use is of particular interest to those intending to set up solar farms, as it returns wasteland to good use. Other sites of interest include former commercial properties, land next to roads and impervious surfaces such as paved areas.

Wind Energy

Are you a property owner looking for an experienced partner for a wind power project, or do you want to lease your land for a wind power plant?

We are a reliable partner with the financial clout of BayWa behind us, enabling rapid implementation of wind power projects.

Ideally, your site should be located in an area already designated in the regional or area utilisation plan as a wind concentration area, or be shown to be suitable for designation as a wind concentration zone.

We will be glad to evaluate the suitability of your site on request. To do this we will need accurate details of the location of your property, which you could send us by email or fax, for example, in the form of an aerial view. Areas that are closer than 750 m to the nearest residential building or conservation area are usually unsuitable due to planning regulations.


Wind farm, Campomaggiore, Italy

  • Elke Hanel

    Elke Hanel


    BayWa r.e. Wind GmbH

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  • Christof Thannbichler

    Christof Thannbichler


    BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH

    T: +49 89 383932 5077