Pioneer biomethane trader

BayWa r.e. is the first biomethane trading company in Germany.

Experience and quality

From as early as 2005, we have been injecting, trading and providing grid management and accounting services for biomethane. In Germany, trade takes place at the physical injection and extraction points, or alternatively via virtual trading points. This makes trading possible throughout the country and beyond the actual trading region.

BayWa r.e. prepares the necessary proof of origin via the German Energy Agency (dena) biogas register and provides the required services within the context of grid management and accounting, from quantity certification, through to billing.

An overview of services:

  • Extensive consultancy on the use of biomethane (synonym: bio natural gas)
  • Economic feasibility studies and EEG remuneration [German Renewable Energy Sources Act]
  • Grid management and accounting for biomethane
  • Grid connection and injection management, transmission of biomethane
  • Proof of origin via the dena biogas register
  • Trading at the virtual trading point
  • Specific biomethane trading contract administration
  • Change of supplier
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Climate-neutral energy from biomethane

Methane is the actual fuel source both in biogas and in natural gas. The difference lies in the methane content. In biogas it is around 52 percent and in natural gas, subject to region, between 96 and 98 percent. In order to reach the necessary export quality for the German natural gas grid, biogas is cleaned, upgraded and compressed. Consequently, biomethane has the same quality as that conveyed by the respective natural gas grid.

The benefits of biomethane are obvious. Contrary to fossil fuels, the use of biomethane is CO2 neutral. The CO2 released by its use was previously absorbed by plants during photosynthesis. A closed cycle therefore results without additional environmentally detrimental CO2 emissions.

In contrast to localised power generation at a biogas plant, the injection of biogas into the gas grid creates a physical separation between production and conversion. The biogas energy is routed to the consumer via the gas grid, which guarantees the highest efficiency and enables the use of power and heat all year round, wherever and whenever the need arises. As a result, biomethane closes the gap between rural biogas production and the consumption of biogas in populous areas.


Biomethane directly from the producer

We procure biomethane directly from producers. As the handling customer, BayWa r.e. takes its entire production volume of biomethane from the export flange and organises all processing and billing. Alternatively, biomethane can also be transferred to us via a virtual trading point.

If you are producing biomethane and you are looking for the best partner for injecting it into the natural gas grid, get in touch!


Security of supply with distinction

BayWa r.e. supplies you with certified and audited biomethane. We would be happy to advise you on the economical use of biomethane and its various application options. It is also possible to procure biomethane via a virtual trading point.

If you are a biomethane consumer and you are looking for the best partner for procuring it, get in touch!

Certified biomethane

BayWa r.e. is a biogas partner of the German Energy Agency (dena) and founding member of the biogas register management circle. The dena "Biogas partnership" creates transparency regarding the political, economic, ecological, statutory and technical conditions required for the expansion of biogas injecting.


Discover more about certification.

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Intelligent solutions

As a full service provider, BayWa r.e. endeavours to systematically expand its range of practical, sustainable products and intelligent solutions. It was from within this culture of innovation that BIOGAS2POWER-smartNETTING was conceived.

The new BIOGAS2POWER-smartNETTING product is targeted at CHP unit operators and combines the supply of biomethane with the procurement of and trade in the power generated by the CHP unit. Under the new arrangement, the CHP unit operator and BayWa r.e. offset biomethane directly against electricity generated under the terms of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and simply settle up any remaining differences (see graphic). By intelligently linking the otherwise normally separate payment flows in the form of 'cross-commodity netting', the high security requirements for such payments are negated, thus lowering costs.

In addition, the CHP unit operator can enjoy additional potential revenue through trading on the balancing energy market and take advantage of the management premium when performing EEG-compliant energy trades. Please get in touch with us if you would like more details.

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