MVV Energie and BayWa r.e. launch operations in Barby at second joint biomethane plant

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High-efficiency plant in Magdeburger Börde region uses broad mix of substrates

Mannheim-based energy company MVV Energie and Münchener BayWa r.e. have jointly launched operations at a new biomethane production plant. Located in Barby (Salzland District, Saxony-Anhalt), this plant is one of the most modern production sites of its kind. “Biomethane has the potential to play a key role in the energy turnaround”, stressed Dr. Hansjörg Roll, Executive Board member at MVV Energie AG. He spoke in favour of continuing to subsidise electricity generated from biomethane at combined heat and power (CHP plants) under the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG). “Biomethane is versatile. It can be fed into the existing natural gas infrastructure and withdrawn anywhere and at any time to generate heating energy and electricity.” MVV Energie was also using its shareholdings in a total of four biomethane plants in the Magdeburger Börde region to leverage synergies in terms of substrate procurement and operations.

“By launching operations at the Barby biomethane plant on schedule, we have once again underlined our competence as a quality-driven project developer and general contractor”, commented Matthias Taft, Board Member of BayWa AG. “For us, the involvement of local farmers as substrate suppliers represents a major contribution to regional value creation”, added Taft. BayWa r.e. and MVV Energie most recently launched operations at the bio-methane plant in Stassfurt, also in the Magdeburger Börde region, and have now maintained their successful cooperation.

The biomethane plant in Barby can work with a broad mix of raw materials and thus helps to avoid monocultures. The plant ferments around 60,000 tonnes of substrate from more than 20 regional agricultural companies a year in its tanks. This process gives rise to biogas and this is refined at the plant into biomethane of natural gas quality. If used at small, efficient CHP plants, the volume of gas produced at Barby would be sufficient to generate green electricity for 6,000 families. A further total of 1,200 households could cover their heating energy requirements. The longterm partner for purchasing and marketing the bionatural gas thereby produced is the Munich-based company bmp greengas GmbH.

Felix Gmelin Communications Manager BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH
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