BayWa r.e. acquires the Pliening biogas plant

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BayWa r.e. has acquired the Pliening biogas plant from the insolvent AC Biogas GmbH. The cooperation BayWa r.e. has so far enjoyed with the machinery ring and some 80 farmers can now continue into the future.

This acquisition sees the plant come into BayWa r.e.’s ownership for the second time. In September 2011, BayWa r.e. had already bought the Pliening plant from a fund involved in the insolvency estate, thereby ensuring that substrates could continue to be taken from the farmers involved. The company sold the plant six months later as intended. The buyer was AC Biogas GmbH, the largest biogas plant operator in Germany at the time. However, AC Biogas GmbH unexpectedly filed for insolvency in the spring of 2015. BayWa r.e., part of the BayWa AG holding company, the Munich-based trading and services group and the world's leading agricultural dealer, then contacted the insolvency administrator. “As an agricultural partner we are committed, together with the machinery ring, to stepping in again to give farmers the assurance that their substrates can be delivered to site by acquiring the plant in Pliening. In addition, as a specialist in renewable energies, we have the required expertise to carry out the upcoming modernisation work professionally in order to ensure farmers have sufficient storage for their substrates by harvest time,” says Matthias Taft, the BayWa AG Board member responsible for the Energy Division and CEO of BayWa r.e.

With this acquisition, BayWa holding assumes responsibility for all the modernisation work the plant requires. Particularly the silo is in need of modernisation. The complete silo renewal is being undertaken in close coordination with the district planning office to ensure optimum storage of raw materials. The insolvency in the spring has meant that the modernisation measures already underway at the time will be able to be completed on time by the harvest this coming autumn, but timing is still critical. Nonetheless, BayWa r.e. is confident that all work will be completed by then, taking into consideration the environmental regulations required for operation. In addition, the gas upgrading plant is being updated and optimised in collaboration with the Munich public utilities, who are responsible for injecting the biomethane into the natural gas grid.


BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH (BayWa r.e.):

BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa AG, is responsible for the BayWa Group's renewable energy business. BayWa r.e. was founded in 2009 and is based in Munich. It acts as a holding company for various business interests in the areas of solar energy, wind power, bio-energy and geothermal energy.

BayWa r.e.'s business activities range from project development and realisation to PV trade and consultation services. The company covers the entire spectrum of technical plant support services, including maintenance. It can also undertake the commercial operations management of plants. The range of services further includes energy trading of electricity from renewable sources, trading in biomethane, as well as the sale of green electricity and eco gas to private and commercial customers. The company has an international focus with its core markets in Europe and the USA.

BayWa AG, also based in Munich, is a listed trading company with an international focus. Core business sectors include agriculture, energy and construction. 

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