BayWa r.e. builds biomethane plant in Dessau


On 27 November, BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH (BayWa r.e.) turned the first sod for its biomethane plant in Dessau. The company, which has extensive experience in the biogas sector, is responsible for the entire planning and implementation of the plant.

BayWa r.e. has commissioned the installer UTS from Hallbergmoos with its construction. The gas upgrading plant itself, which operates according to the high pressure water scrubbing principle, is being supplied by Malmberg, specifically from their Merseburg sales office.

In collaboration with project partner Stadtwerke Dessau, the biomethane produced by the plant will be injected straight into the natural gas grid. The scheduled amount of injected gas, 700 Nm³/h biomethane, will in future be able to meet the heat demand of around 2800 detached houses. This is equivalent to fuelling a car to drive 105 million kilometres. 

The energy crops required for operating the plant will be cultivated from local farms in the Dessau region. This offers local farmers new markets and the opportunity to create a more flexible form of sustainable crop rotation. The fermentation residue from biogas production is rich in nutrients and can therefore be used on the cultivated areas as a high grade bio-fertiliser. As an alternative to mineral fertiliser, it is much better for the groundwater.

BayWar.e. renewable energy GmbH:

BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa AG, is responsible for the BayWa Group's renewable energy business. BayWa r.e. was founded in 2009 and is based in Munich. It acts as a holding company for various business interests in the areas of solar energy, wind power, bioenergy and geothermal energy.

BayWar.e.'s business activities range from project development and realisation to PV trade and consultation services. The company covers the entire spectrum of technical plant support services, including maintenance. It can also undertake the commercial operations management of plants. A further aspect of BayWar.e.'s business is biomethane trading. The company has an international focus with its core markets in Europe and the USA.

BayWa AG, also based in Munich, is a listed trading company with an international focus. Core business sectors include agriculture, construction and energy.


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