Cooperation with Stadtwerke Stuttgart: solar power systems for leasing


Stadtwerke Stuttgart wants to give new impetus to photovoltaics in Stuttgart. So the Stadtwerke has developed an innovative leasing model for solar power systems in detached and two-family homes in cooperation with the solar energy specialist BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH (BayWa r.e.).

This is being offered to citizens as part of the "My Roof - My Power" campaign. Dr Michael Maxelon and Martin Rau, directors of Stadtwerke Stuttgart, jointly introduced the leasing model on Friday in Stuttgart, with Roland Schuler, board member of BayWa AG, and Günter Haug, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. "This leasing model is an attractive offer to the citizens of Stuttgart, to exploit the benefits of self-generated solar power and to actively help shape the future of energy in the state capital", Stadtwerke and BayWa r.e. explained.  

How does this leasing model work?

"We take care of implementing the photovoltaic system and offer citizens worthwhile access to self-generated green electricity power through fair leasing agreements", said Martin Rau, Managing Director of Stadtwerke. This is how the leasing model works: Stadtwerke takes care of finance and the implementation of the solar power systems as lessor; BayWa r.e. as the technical partner supplies all system components exclusively from well known quality manufacturers; specialist contractors from the Stuttgart region install the system and connect it to the grid. Citizens lease the solar power system and pay the Stadtwerke a fixed monthly fee for the full 18-year lease term. The solar power generated by the system is primarily used in the lessee's household; only surplus power is exported into the national grid. Only systems with a peak output of up to 10 kW are installed using this leasing model, where the on-site power consumption is exempt from the Renewable Energy Sources Act. If the sun is 'taking a break' or the household demands more power than is currently being generated, the lessee draws extra green electricity from the Stadtwerke. 

Solar computers calculate the potential of the roof

Stadtwerke Stuttgart has established an internet presence to promote the solar power leasing model: Citizens can go online at to calculate the output levels of a solar power system for their own building. They can use the Stadtwerke solar atlas to discover the solar potential of every roof in the city. "Currently only around five percent of detached and two-family homes in Stuttgart, which have either very good or good solar energy potential, are actually furnished with photovoltaics", said Dr Michael Maxelon, Managing Director of Stadtwerke. Expressed in numbers, that is approximately 28,500 detached and two-family homes, which up until now have not utilised their good or very good solar potential. "We want to contribute to the better use of this treasure trove in the future", Maxelon continued. 

BayWa r.e. to supply components and train local contractors

"Our business draws on long cooperative roots. One more reason why we are happy to be able to offer the citizens of Stuttgart an innovative and sustainable concept for the use of solar energy, in cooperation with the municipal Stadtwerke“, said Roland Schuler, board member of BayWa AG. The technical concept will be led by BayWa r.e. Their expertise lies above all in the selection and provision of appropriate components, as well as in the training of specialist contractors. The solar modules in the Stuttgart leasing model come from the Norwegian manufacturer REC, and are mounted on the Novotegra frame developed by BayWa r.e. The inverters are supplied by the German global market leader SMA in Kassel. Consultation and on-site installation are provided by specialist contractors from BayWa r.e.’s network of partners in the Stuttgart region. "We’re making a conscious effort here to develop close cooperation with local trade partners. Our reliable supply of high quality systems and professional consultation form a total package, from which everyone involved can benefit right away“, says Günter Haug. 


BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH (BayWa r.e.):

BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa AG, is responsible for BayWa group’s renewable energy business. BayWa r.e. was founded in 2009 and is based in Munich. It acts as a holding company for various business interests in the areas of solar, wind energy, bio-energy and geothermal energy. 

BayWa r.e.’s business activities range from project development and realisation to PV trade and consulting services. The company covers the entire spectrum of a professional technical plant support service, including maintenance. It can also undertake the commercial operations management of plants. The range of services also includes trading of renewable energy power, trading in biomethane as well as the sale of eco power and eco gas to private and commercial customers. The company has an international focus with its core markets in Europe and the USA.

BayWa AG (Munich) is a listed trading company operating on an international platform. Its main business sectors are agriculture, energy and building materials. 

Stadtwerke Stuttgart GmbH:

Stadtwerke Stuttgart GmbH was founded in 2011 by the City of Stuttgart. The municipal business is consistent in backing renewable energies: The Stadtwerke invests in resource-saving energy generation, operates wind power and photovoltaic plants, designs innovative, local heating concepts and supplies its customers with 100 % green electricity and natural gas. Stadtwerke Stuttgart is a citizen-focused enterprise, making an active contribution to the future of energy in the state capital. 


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